was this justice

in swaragini
swara is modern, swara is bold, swara is cute, laksh loves swara, sanskar loves swara, swara this swara that, swara is positive

what about ragini then?

serial’s name is totally wrong. it should just be swara.

nothing is belonging to ragini.

ragini is negative, laks doesnt love ragini, sanskar doesnt love ragini, everyone hates ragini

disgusting on the part of cvs

feeling like vomiting over swara’s face.

and if there is a ff in which ragini is given more importance…people hate it


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  1. What is this? Who hate ragini . No everyone loves ragini.

    1. Varsha Darshini

      I really like her but as her role has been negative i was supporting her in my heart

  2. I to don’t like this serial only reading ffs in which ragini’s character is protrayed well

  3. I hate ragini because she is negative. ..

  4. No one hates teju … Only hate ragini chacter n ya in every ff ragini is positive n we all like it …
    I liked Ragini earlier in serial when she fought with world for maa baba n swaragini unite..
    But writers made her evil..
    I also feel ragini did evil thing before to get laksh which she loves unconditional but after that what she did she kidnapped sumi…
    N even she is tried separating swasan..
    But now i had soft corner for rags as laksh is cheating her n all thing is writers made laksh also villian…
    One day sure writer endup by making swara negative i feel.
    Still i like teju n teju is justifying her role rags very well . Big applause to tejaswani

    1. Writers mistake they forgotten title but still i feel they will make ragini positive

  5. Yeah poor gal Ragini ?!! She has loved Laksh from the beginning! N she blindly trusts him every time! But he doesn’t even give a heed to her!!?..N Swara! Oh god! She’s mahaan all the time! Sick of it!!! Better they should have named the serial as Swara,the mahaan or Swara,the great!!

  6. Tejaswi is a brilliant actress but she is not given importance like Swara’s character, hope her character will turn positive and just like Swasan date and all that some good Raglak scenes will be therefore,also,hope,Tejaswi will be given more importance as Ragini, Helly is a good actress especially in emotional scenes,pain she conveys nicely,but Tejaswi in Swaragini is a lot underrated,she can perform brilliantly if given the opportunity.

  7. We love Ragini…becoz of her negative character…her cute cunning smile…..her taunts at correct time….she is sooo beautiful…..and we love swasan more than swara ? their pair is extraordinary….made for each other….we fans really disappointed becoz of the fact that they r not uniting in the serial….we just want to unite them atleast in our ff….thats why swara ff more….swasan rocks….?

  8. Thats the minus point of swaragini …now the news is that ragini is gonna die then why did they name it swaragini …. Now a days there are only a few scenes of ragini in swaragini … And swara is playing the major role … And swasan in the lead pair… I like swasan too but they can show some raglak scenes too na …

  9. Ragini has become as a side character in the show…. Better name the serial as swasan … So that there would be no issues regarding ragini and raglak

  10. yeah i agree with meghs..no one hate teju..they hate the character of ragini…in the beginning her char was soo good but now its the fault of cvs…and i think hating swara wont do anything…i mean its how her char is portrayed…
    if ragini had nt done evils deeds then things would have been diff..and moreover i dont understand 1 thing on her part that y is she shown as an insecure about swara..after all they are sis and both are main leads of the story..
    hope rags char will soon turn positive..AS M EAGERLY WAITING FOR” SWARAGINI ” TOGATHER!!

  11. wellwisher (ww) zaya and ragna fan

    we all like ragini…….
    she acts perfectly………
    though her role is negative she does it perfectly………
    we all hate the character ragini……..
    teju always…….
    and of course helly too……….

  12. true, ff’s are better than serial, in serial they are showing swara like mahan!! love u teju

  13. Exactly. ..I like tejaswi very much. .her acting is perfect

  14. yeah yaar u r absolutely right …..I love teju …..so much but I think teju ko yeh show chod dena chahiye kyuki uski liye bahut sari serials wait kar rahi hongi ……sab bolte h ki Q hmesa swara hi sacrifice kare …..Q ragini jo chahti h use mil jata h …..yaar aisa kuch nhi usse aaj tak kuch nhi mila sabne use sirf use kiya h …..swara ko apni maa or papa ko ek karna tha o ho gya .swara ko apne papa ka pyar chahiye tha …mil gya ….
    par ragini sab kahte h ussne jo chahiye o usse mila h usse saja milni chahiye …kya yaar usse kya mila h dhokha sanskar ne usse bura banaya usse use karne ke liye infact jab o achi tab usse us samay bhi use liya laksh or dp se badla lene ke liye …..laksh ne uska use kiya apne phasing ki halat sudharne ke liye …..mujhe ragini pe issue bat par gussa aata h ki usne swalak ko Q pass laya but this is not her fault ….because ussne toh wohi kiya jo usse sujata or sanskar ne kahne ke liya kaha tha…..
    superb cvs …….

  15. I would like to vomit on your face.

    1. On who’s. U didn’t gave answer that u r in real Mr snskar.M or not

  16. On writers face

  17. Hey ragini is turning positive

    1. wellwisher(ww) ragna and zaya fan

      but laksh is negative………
      we swasan and raglak positive pairs…………

  18. I love ragini…..and i hate swara…….better change the name to swara……….always the serial focuses on swara….i hate swara…i really hate her……

  19. I read anu’s ff of swaragini, one that was comic one. Their too people were asking her to make swara beautiful. Though her concept was entirely different. But still people want only swara and swara.

  20. crazy pkdian

    i agree in it actually a couple of days before i started a ff where both sawa n ragini were given total importence..
    and many of them gave such comments on it..it was just too humilating to me..that i stopped my FF now..
    i wish there were few readers to it so that i could continue it..till
    guys here are the links plz read it and tell me if you like t..
    if many likes the story i will surely continue it..
    i showed the bonding of sisters in it..

    guys plzz read it n say me..
    if keeping swara and ragini in proper position is wrong or what?

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