WAS THAT YOU ? Episode 5


Hi friends,please do comment even if you are not liking it that way i will be able to improve it.
At night Abhay was walking through a lonely lane to reach his home.
Suddenly he saw a shadow appearing next to his.
He turned just in time to hold the hand of a person dressed in black ja ket and jeans.
The person was having a sharp knife in his hand.
Abhay and the person had a shuffle while abhay tries to grab the knife from his hand.
The person pushed abhay hardly and gave a blow on his arm.Abhay bend down in pain for a second and when he looked up again the person was gone
The next day abhay was telling everyone what happend
Riya:i feel like iam seeing a nightmare
nessie : yeah everything is going worse
Abhay:well now iam also sure its one of us bcz yesterday during the struggle i saw a bracelet wirh prana written on it similar to the one we are wearing.
Everuone looked at the silver bracelet on their hands.
Prithvi:guys thinks are going really out of control. it doesnt look like a prank anymore.we need to do something before its too late.
Arohi:but what will we do without knowing who is behind this.we cant keep track of each other all the time.
Prithvi:yeah we need to think together and come up with a plan.

Just then the attender came with a parcel for nessie.
Nessie:who gaave this?
Attender:i dont know maam.it was lying in the message box.i delivered it to you since your name was printed on it.

Nessie began opening the parcel after thanking the attender.There was a beautiful red box with a lid. Nessie opened the lid and she screamed hugging arohi after seeing the content
All the members.looked into the box seeing nessies reaction and found a red rose in it.
Prithvi:not again
Abhay:prithvi you need to be careful next is your turn since we all have got our warnings.
Arohis face went pale and pritvi patted her arm on.finding that she was thoroughly shaken.
Prithvi and arohi were in prithvis car and prithvi was driving towards her home.
Arohi:prithvi i will stay with you today.
Prithvi: arohi your parents wont allow
arohi:i will talk to them and convince them that your life is on danger
Prithvi:no need.why to simply scare them
arohi.iam afraid prithvi what if something happens to you similar to that of abhay

Nothing will happen to me trust me.moreover my parents and sister is also there said prithvi holding arohis hand.
He dropped arohi to her house
Arohi:take care
prithvi : you too
That night arohi dreamt of someone attacking riya with a knife.riya was wearing a pink dress and she was screaming trying to hold her attackers hand
But the attacker stabbed her and then slit her wrist.
Arohi woke up with a scream
she looked at the clock next to her and saw that it was already 7.
Prithvi had promised to pick her up by 7:30
She hurriedly got ready and came down just when prithvi reached
Prithvi:you look scared what happend ?
Arohi:i had a nightmare of someone attacking riya and killing her.
Prithvi:you might have seen it because you slept thinking about all these things.its common so chill
arohi:i dont know it felt so real.prithvi can you please drive me to riyas appartment
Prithvi:what now. We can meet her in college nah
arohi:no i want to meet her now and want to ensure she is ok.
Prithvi: fine
Just when prithvi turned the car and was about to go to riyas house he got abhays call.
Prithvi:hai abhay.WHAT. Ok we are heading there right now
prithvi was all pale and he drove the car fast
arohi: prithvi what happend? What did abhay say?
Prithvi was still in a state of shock
arohi:prithvi i want to lnow what abhay told you (in a raised voice)
Prithvi:riya ….riya he said not able to complete his sentence
what happend to riya asked arohi tensed

Prithvi took a deep breath
prithvi:your nightmare came true.arohi is dead
arohi was stunned not able to digest what she just heard
prithvi and arohi reached riyas appartment and ran to her flat.
Everyone was present there and police was questioning everyone.
Arohi saw riya lying in pool of blood and what was more scary was that she was wearing a pink colour dress just like the one arohi saw in her dream and there was a slit on her wrist
arohi:no. This cant happen this cant happen
prithvi abhay and nessie took the crying arohi outside

she held prithvis hand tight
Arohi:prithvi,her clothes and her wounds are all similar to my dream
Abhay:what dream
prithvi:i will talk to you about this later
arohi:prithvi does that mean………does that mean iam the one that is pocessed.
Everyone looked at arohi

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  1. Hey goood yaa. But update a longer one

    1. Thanks blossom

  2. Superb..awesum job….but i think in d dream sequence u cud hv added a bit that…suppose Arohi was trying too hard to see d attacker’s face…and its shown…but surprisingly d face is Prthvi’s…but it changes to dat of Abhay’s dn Nessie’s and likewise at d end Arohi’s..end wud b a prolongd one so dt Arohi’s doubt on hrslf increases..plz don mind..it was my suggestion…but u keep it up and..for ur soo awesum job..i present u a WILD RED ROSE 😉 :-D..LOL

    1. Thanks bisha.its an awesome suggestion but you will understand why she cant dream like that in the later part of story

    PLZ update it soon ….!!!!
    Actually i am a silent reader n missing ur updates??

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