My Heart beats for??? – Epi 9

Recap : Episode 8

Ragini phone rang……. Flashing “Sanskar Maheshwari TL”… Ragini was thinking, if she should respond or not…. Finally she made up her mind and spoke to him…..
Ragini: Sanskar Please don’t try to convince me…….and don’t worry about Ayan, he is fine….
Sanskar: Miss Gadodia…..He paused…. First try to listen the person before saying anything
Ragini was jerked when she heard Sanskar calling her Miss Gadodia…. Yesterday he was pleading me by my name and today why is he back to normal…. What is he now up to …….. Her thoughts were interrupted
Sanskar: Hello u there… See Miss Gadodia, today I want you to be in office at sharp 9am…. It’s already 8.30…. 30mins left, so pls be fast
Ragini: I am not going to come
Sanskar: What the hell are you doing??? I just want …… His words were cut down by Ragini
Ragini: Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari…. I am leaving Mumbai forever….
Sanskar: Oho Miss Gadodia I think you have to grow up
Ragini: What do you mean???
Sanskar: It has been just 3 months you have joined the office
Ragini: So what???
Sanskar: Relax Miss, I am coming to the point….. I guess you are contract bond for an year with the company…. I am here to remind you, and it’s all my pleasure
Ragini: I will resign and break the bond
Sanskar: Haven’t you read the bond properly before signing…. Legally till an year you can’t break the bond…. Even after an year, you have to serve 4months of notice period…. So Miss you have to work for another 13 months in this company
Ragini: Huh…. It’s all your game….
Sanskar: No dear, it’s companies rule, and you can check with HR if you don’t believe me….
Ragini had cut the call and she immediately left to office to check with HR dept…..

HR Dept:
Ragini: Hey Gita, I want to resign….
Gita: As per the rules you can’t…. 9 more month you have, and can’t break the bond, or else legal action will be taken against you and it will spoil your career
Ragini was dumbstruck hearing her and slowly she came out and walking in the corridor… Suddenly she collided with someone…. She was about to apologise but she found a sarcastic smile on the persons face…. She just pushed him…. What are you doing here Sanskar????
Sanskar: Haven’t you observed it’s our project floor…. Going towards my desk, but u r too fast… I asked you to be here by 9 but you reached 5mins earlier, great dear…….
Ragini: Hey stop calling me dear……
Sanskar : OK sorry Miss… But be in meeting room in another 5 mins……. And he left the place
Ragini dialled to her home and informed that their program is cancelled and they are not going to Kolkata, and have to stay here….. She told her Maa to tc of Ayan…. She entered into office
Ragini: Hey Arjun… What are you doing at my desk???
Arjun: From now on it’s my desk…. Ur desk has been exchanged with mine….beside Sanskar
Ragini: But why???
Arjun: I don’t know dear…. Sanskar asked me to do that…..
Oh!!! So it’s all Sanskar game thought in her mind and said to Arjun “ come let’s go to meeting”
Arjun: Meeting!!!!! No yaar I was not called for any meeting
Ragini: Sanskar has told me that there is Meeting in another 5 mins….
Arjun: Hey may be one-one….. So you go ahead
Ragini went into meeting room…..Sanskar was already present there
Sanskar: U r late Miss Gadodia…..
Ragini: Call me Ragini….and I am sorry for that….. but why did you change my desk????
Sanskar: Ok Ragini… I want you to be in front of me round the clock…. I don’t want HR to bash me…. It’s an order for me……
Ragini looked at Sanskar angrily, tell me the purpose of meeting……
Sanskar: Ragini pls listen to me once…….Ayan needs sometime…..
Ragini: Sanskar, shall we talk about work…. Or els I will leave and she got up from chair and started to move
Sanskar ran behind Ragini and pinned her to wall…. Just listen to me now…..Ayan is not a toy Ragini…. He is too young to understand…… He won’t even eat from kaki’s hand, on the way I went to your home fed him and I came here….. Do you know why I used to be for only 2 to 3 hrs at office???? Just for Ayan…. He just sleeps with me, eats with my hand, plays with me… His whole world is just me…. My world is just Ayan….No one else…. And he stared into her eyes deeply……. Her eyes were speaking to him as if she knows that he cares a lot for Ayan……… they had a cute eyelock
Ragini opened up I think we have to leave now and was about to move….. Sanskar hold her hand tightly and pulled her towards him, there was very little distance between them and both of them can feel the other’s breath…….. Ragini tried to bring her words out “Leave me Sanskar”, Sanskar said “You didn’t answer me”, Ragini replied back “Why do you Love Ayan so much???? What’s your relation with him???? Did you Love my Di!!!!”….Sanskar was choked….Ragini “Don’t try to hide Sanskar, your eyes replied me”…..A tear rolled out from both of their eyes….

Guys tq,tq,tq……. Your comments are boosting my energy levels…. Love all :)….. I will try to upload the next part today itself…

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