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Kamini taking a round in the class while the students were taking the test she notices a paper behind Sid’s table, she takes it up sees it and ask Sid to stand up. Kamini tells Sid that you are cheating, he says that he throw this paper in the dust bin before the test started he does not know how it came here, Kamini says all the students to pay attention to their test, and to Sid she said that did feet came to this paper and it crawled here to your table. Sid in a smooth tone said that she has no idea how it came under his table. Kamini says that because of this behaviour Head boy’s batch was taken from you but still you are repeating the same mistake again. Sid tries to convince him that he he cannot even dare to make this kind of mistake when you are here. Kamini lets him go and then says that

the test time is over, Utkarsh writes with a bit more speed but Kamini snatch the paper from his hand and the other students as well.
Every one packs there bags and leave the class where Sid comes to Utkarsh saying that he said you to throw the paper in the dust bin but instead he threw it under his table. Siali says that Utkarsh has nothing to do with it at all, Sid shuts her up and Parth comes in front saying that he must keep quiet. Angela from the behind says that she put the paper under your table and what are you able to do for that, you will go and cry to your mother and grandmother? And she leaves.
Parth comes to Kamini saying that he wants to speak to you. Kamin was surprised to hear that today Parth wants to speak to her, Parth says that he wants to go home this weekend, Kamini asks that does he want to have a holiday but why? Parth says that it is his mom’s birthday and he wants to give her a surprise. Kamini answer’s him that there is a rule in warrior high that we cannot give anyone holidays until their parents call us. Parth says that if he will call hime his surprised will be ruined but Kamini refuses to give him a holiday.
Utkarsh follows Angela to ask her why she did such thing, Utkarsh puts his hand on Angela’s shoulder for which she gets furious and slaps Utkarsh twice, Utkarsh was shocked and ask her what was that? Angela apologises him for her action she explains him that she is a bit conscious about someone touching her, Utkarsh leaves her there, Angela was ashamed of her action and asks him why he is making an issue, Utkarsh says him that you slapped him and he is making the issue. Angela hold her ears and again asks to forgive her, Utkarsh forgave her but also warned her not to do this again. Utkarsh asks her that why she did such thing to Sid, she answers him that she was repeatedly making mistakes for which he must be given some punishment so that he don’t make them again. Angela says to Utkarsh that if she don’t do such thing then life would be very boring Alia Bhutt. Utkarsh being annoyed with it says that if she likes movies so much she can call him Sharukh because he does look like him doesn’t he. Angela says even if he looks like Sharukh from her he will always be like Alia Bhutt.
Nitti was wearing clothes in the doom room where Krissan says hey you are you depressed because dear heart broken. Angela comes and says that you know why God gave us two ears so that we could hear from one and release it from the other, Nitii was leaving but Angela puts her feet in front of here and she falls down, Krissan laughs loud and tells her to stand up Charli is not going to come to pick you up, Nitti gets angry and runs towards Krissan, Nitti jumps on her and tell her not to speak a word again and if she did she is going to cut her mouth. Nitti gets of her, Siali asks Nitti that if she is hungry and they both went to eat.
Sid was moving in the corridor where she stops and sees Siali dancing, his friends come and ask come why he is standing here and he leaves, Charlie also came and stood there he was watching Nitti, Sid came from the behind and tells him to have a big heart and have courage to speak to her in front of everyone. Everybody leaves the class while Nitti and Siali were sitting there Sid and Charlie came to them, Sid says to Charlie that you wrote the love letter to Nitti, Sid apologise from Nitti for his behaviour, Sid then asked why Charlie is so courage less in front of everyone to express his love. Charlie tells him that his father is also a dwarf he is a very good man and he also loves him but because of his height everyone teased him. He said that he don’t know why he fall in love with Nitti. Nitti holds his hand and looks her into his eyes wiping his tears and then slapped him, she says that Sid you don’t have to feel sorry for her, she says it is better to live alone then to live with a man who is shameful because of his father. NItii leaves giving Charlie a jerk ad then Charlie leaves too, Sid apologise from Siali for his behaviour. Siali says to him you are a good man and you should show that to people that too, Sid says that it is good that you liked something about him, Siall answers him that he will do good she will say good. Amgela watched them and said to herself that Sid and Siali another intresting combination.

PRECAPE: Veebha hears Nitti and Siali talking about love. Krissan saw Angela writing things on a diary and plans to take it

Update Credit to: Sona

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      sry prad yesterday some imp work hindered me frm informing u tat i got a way to catch fakers…. if u comment using a same mail id ,TU will generate d same dp , it does not matter what ever name ty use .. same id = same dp .. tat alina , lala, n fake prad ( who commented 3 on ss pg) r d same. i’ll suggest u 2 ignore d new commers ,cause it can b possible tat d same person , by changing names is trying to trouble u… do not respond the fakers.. let the dogs bark u don’t reply back spoiling ur mood..

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        Thank u piya….. my sweet frnd….

  2. nice episode

  3. Angella u r rocking

  4. Thnxxxxx sona…
    Nice epsd….sid asked to siyali to frgv him..hw sweet…
    Nw vibha cn realize parth’s feelng……
    Hey guyz…hw r u all??? Hw was tday’s epsd?

  5. Oh!!!!! Niti …….

  6. Oh nithi u r doing rt n don’t trust Charlie even more.hate u charlie.u r such a coward.

  7. Varshini that’s my fav yaar “gujan piyo” (Lee min ho)

    1. ya he s so cute n everyone likes him

    2. May I know who is Lee min lo????

  8. Guys how to keep pic as pro pic in this

    1. if u want ur pic as dp tn u wl hav 2 make an account on gravatar

  9. Nice episode sidyali’s scene was very sweet guys i have heard the makers of the show are going to wrap the serial in july and they will come with another season i’m gonna miss this serial and i hope they will bring sidyali in season 2

  10. Lee min ho nd jandi 😛 😉 😡

  11. Nice epi… Niti don’t believe charlie….. He is not trustworthy…. Hw can he reject her in front of everyone if he really loves her????? And also sid gangs.. Hw can they insult siyali,niti???? I will not Stand for this… If sid really loves siyali y he’ll nt ready to accept that…. Whatever… I hope Angela for utkarsh….

    1. angela would b for parth and vebha will b jealous of ang. n recognise her feelings for parth

  12. I agree with u nagashri.did n his frnds did a blunder.Lee min ho is d Korean actor he famous for his Korean drama boys over flowers.kyy is the hindhi version of that.

  13. sorry its sid not did

  14. hey guyzzzzzz………….. SWEETHEART N OUR HEARTTHOB THE””PARTH SAMTHAAN “”” is surely going to come in d new season of jhalak ….yeh wish tat he wins …

  15. parths name is completely finalised u can see it on missmalini.com

  16. tnk u telly
    gud mrng

  17. Hey guyz…missing warrior high a lottt…?

  18. Ohhh fairy i missed u a lot our angel……
    I hope wh doesnt end up in july….

  19. I loved boys over flowers….its jst amazin i suggst those who havent watched it to see it…p …..its best ……

  20. I like Boys over flowers,heirs, personal taste,playfull kiss,my most fav is BOF gujan piyo and ga-eul’s pair seong joung

  21. my fav too ashtura.

  22. sorry ashrutha

  23. Awwwww shikhaaaa….missed u too….
    Yup boys over flower is a nice serial…..
    And shikha..we all also want tht it shldnt end in july…bt news r sayng like ths….:( 🙁 🙁

  24. Hi varshini, do u know where is aditi

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