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Utkarsh was going to give a letter to Niti towards girls dorm. Siali comes out and asks why he came here. Utkarsh was confused and gives the letter to Siali to hand it over to Niti. Kamini comes there and scolds them for standing there. Siali goes inside.
Vibha opens the letter that Utkarsh gave her. The letter said that I love you the day I saw you in examination hall. It was a love letter by Charlie. Vibha wonders her students have gone mad and tells it to Manik. Manik says she is such a hot teacher that the students have become fond of her.
Siali calls Niti outside and gives the letter to Niti. Niti wonders who gave her the letter. Niti reads the letter as I love you a lot and respect you. I wanted to talk to you but you didn’t give me an opportunity. Niti reads the letter was

from Parth. Both were shocked to read the name. the letter said that you must meet me in classroom at 6 in morning. Niti is elated that two people are behind her, Siali asks who the other one is. Niti was reluctant then says it is Charlie. Siali asks if she has losted, he is Sid’s friend. Niti says she is helpless. Siali asks Niti to get inside now, Niti daydreams about the body of Charlie and Parth during a confrontation in gym while she felt shy there. Siali brings her to senses and asks her to sleep now.
Parth was in the class next morning, Niti comes in. She says that she didn’t know two men would be behind her, but he isn’t in her heart. She says that she know Parth is really sober and everyone wants such a guy but she likes more of goon type people like Charlie. Parth is shocked to hear what she is saying. Charlie was overhearing this from window. Utkarsh comes to the door, Parth says Utkarsh must have given her the wrong letter. Niti is disappointed that Parth doesn’t like him. Parth scolds Utkarsh for creating the mess, Utkarsh regrets and leaves with Parth.
Charlie comes to the class and says oh so she likes him. Niti turns to face him and gets worried at once. Niti says she knows he will take a hundred years to express himself, she kneels down herself and says I like you. Charlie mocks that she is already too little, she drags him down as well. She tells Charlie he is her dreamboy since her orphanage. He has love in eyes. Sid, Krissane and everyone else was standing behind and begins to laugh aloud.

PRECAP: Sid and Krissane are laughing, Sid mocks Charlie for liking Niti. He makes fun of Niti for liking Charlie. Krissane says that Niti ends where Charlie starts in height and drops ink over Niti.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Feel about niti…

  2. Really very bad

  3. parth should give a good beating to this sid in upcoming boxing championship

  4. How dare u sid! Come on u will realise hw wrng u r once u fall in luv :@ 😡

  5. Thnx sona…
    Sid…very bad…u shldnt do like ths……?

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