Muh Boli Shaadi 17th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 17th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratan asking his family to get ready as they will go to Ashok’s house to ask Seema’s hand in marriage with Pratap. Sushant thinks he has fooled Singh family and thought to get their property on his name. Neelam thinks she will rule on this house and thinks Seema is an innocent girl. Ratan Singh has other plans though. Neelam asks Mala to wear costly necklace, while going to Ashok’s house. Mala shows her a heavy necklace and tells that it might worth 8-10 lakhs. Nidhi looks. Mala tells that she kept it for her bahu. Neelam likes the necklace.

Anmol thinks about Nikhil and her first scooter ride, while the song Hum tum Chori Se plays………..She recalls their romantic moments and Nikhil love confession. She smiles and recalls their sweet moments. Sahil comes to Anmol and says your family have come. Anmol rushes downstairs. Ashok welcomes Ratan and his family. Ratan tells we have come here from groom’s side. Ashok asks them to sit and says I didn’t understand. Ratan tells that they have come here to ask Seema’s hand in marriage for Pratap. Seema blushes. Nikhil asks what? He apologizes and says this relation can’t happen.

Ratan asks why? If you think Pratap is not good enough for Seema. Nikhil says it is nothing like that, but……Ratan says don’t you think Seema would be happy at our house. When we gave our daughter here, we will take bahu from the same house. Ashok thinks Ratan Singh has some plan in mind and wants to break Nikhil and Anmol’s marriage. Nikhil asks is Pratap ready for marriage. Anmol says she talked to Pratap and he agreed. Nikhil says you didn’t tell me. Anmol tries to convince him. Ratan asks Nikhil’s opinion. Nikhil tells Anmol is right, we couldn’t get good alliance than this. I am sure that she will be happy at your house. He agrees. Mala says she wants to meet her bahu. Anmol introduces her. Ashok thinks he will get more rich if Seema marries in Ratan’s house.

Nikhil asks Anmol, why you are tensed? Nikhil asks what is the matter. Anmol says nothing. Nikhil asks why did you become match maker? Anmol says Bua ji was angry at her, so she searched alliance for Seema. Nikhil says I understand, but I am scared if anything goes wrong and Seema gets hurt. Anmol says Seema is her bhanji and Pratap told her that he is ready for this alliance. Ashok asks Ratan Singh, why did you bring another alliance. Ratan Singh says he has a plan. Nikhil tells Anmol that his heart is not agreeing that Pratap agreed for the alliance. Anmol says I used to be scared of all, but you told me that we will face all problems together. She says we will never let any tears come in Seema’s eyes. I will agree Pratap. She asks him to support her and says we will get her married.

Ratan tells Ashok that Pratap agreed for the land and not for marriage. Ashok says why did you bring your family here. Didn’t you think about Seema’s emotions. Ratan Singh says he won’t let anything happen with Seema as he knows being a father. He tells Anmol will get busy in marriage function, and Nikhil will be left alone. Payal tries to get close to Nikhil and this will make Anmol doubts him. Ashok asks what will I get from this? Ratan Singh you will get shagun and 1 crore money. After their break up, we will not see each other’s face. Ashok says okay and asks him to act as samdhi. Anmol asks Nikhil to support and trust her. Bua ji comes and asks Anmol what you are doing here in Nikhil’s room. Nikhil tells that Anmol came to talk about Seema.

Mala asks Anmol to make Seema wear their ancestral jewellery. Sushant looks on with greed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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