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Anvaisha scolds Sid about her behaviour, she makes her realize that because of him she has to face a lot of insult. She tells him that you have to maintain his discipline. Sid apologizes from her but she refuse saying that she does not need his apologies she need you to learn from your mistakes. Sid leaves the room and Urmilla too.
Nitti asks Siali that Sid and his friend has got a very good punishment, although Sid id the son of the vice principle of this school but Anvisha Mam has proved that she does not differentiate between all other students and Sid. Nitti notices that she has not cleaned her shoes while Silia thoughts that Sid is not that bad then why he does such work.
Sid, Charli and all of the other boys clean the toilet with toothbrushes and vomiting too. Urmilla comes in the

washroom and sees them all working especially Sid, Urmilla calls Sid out to talk. Urmilla tells her that the old lady does not think she is just over reacting on that small party. She takes the brush from Sid’s hand and threw it away. Sid stops her mom and tells her that it was his mistake and he deserves this punishment. Anvisha listens to this argument and was proud of Sid.Sid takes the brush and went into the washroom.
Parth went to the staff room to Vibha, he tries to talk to her but she does not let him speak she tells Parth that what happened between she and Parth that night was not correct, they are student and teacher and they cannot have a relationship.
Parth was sitting outside thinking that how should he tell Vibha about his feelings for her. Siali and Nitti comes to Parth,as Parth was in tension so loudly talks to Nitii on which Nitti gets upset, then Parth apologize from here. Nitti tells him that if there is anything he wants to tell someone just write it on a paper and give it to that person, Nitti tells him that this is what I was use to do in the orphan house. Charli heard this.
Kamini ansd Rishab were sititng in the staff room. Kamini tells Rishab that it’s the time to go and check the boys and girls doom.
Parth wrote a letter and asked Utkarsh to give to to Miss Vibha and no one else. On his Utkarsh meets Charli, Charli with a very friendly mood requests Utkarsh to give this letter to Nitti and no one else on which he especially sprayed his perfume. Utkash with a great confussion gice a letter to Vibha and immediately leaves, Utkarsh then moves towards the girl’s doom where he asks Siali to give this letter to Nitti, Kamini sees them both talking.

PRECAP: Nitti expresses her views about her prince he was as same as you while she was saying this Sid with all the other boys laughs at Nitti and Charli.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Confusion started….

  2. Niceee…thnkss sonaaa….
    The scene of cleaning toilet was funny….l thnk utkarsh hd gvn d wrng paper to vibha…
    Siyali’s feelings fr sid r developng….thr r no fun in d epsd without sidyali….
    Whn they ll shw angella??
    Btw…hi guyz…missed u all nd WH….

  3. Pradishma are u alright because of someone who copied ur name or something I wanted to cuss them but was too late I’m really sorry for not being able to do that.

    Warrior High’s going interesting

    1. YES im alright now…. no yaa its ok if u dint came on time I feel nice to see people have so humanity not like that fake and thank u and no need OF sry??

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  4. Wow theis show is going soooo good.. Lovin it.. XD

  5. i am sona tnk u telly for updating wh
    gud ngt

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