Muh Boli Shaadi 16th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 16th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anmol making halwa. Bua ji tastes it and likes instantly. Pratap tells Mala that he wants to prove to
Ratan Singh that he is a competent businessman. Anmol brings tiffin for Nikhil and Payal, and tells Seema to give it to him. Nikhil leaves for office. Pratap tells Anmol that he thought much, and can’t agree. He then tells that he is ready about her suggestion. Anmol thanks and hugs him. Pratap asks her to get ready for the arrangements. Sushant thinks they have misunderstood each other. He recalls informing Pratap that Anmol wants a land for her gym and asks him to manage the deal. He thinks it will be a blast now.

Anmol tells Ratan that she solved their problem and asks them to bring crackers and all. She says she searched a bride for Pratap and asks them not to refuse. Ratan Singh asks who is the girl? Mala asks who? Anmol says she is my niece Seema. Ratan Singh is surprised and asks are you sure? Anmol says yes. Mala says Pratap and Seema? Anmol says Bua ji was shocked too, when I told about this proposal. Ratan Singh says we don’t have any problem. We were shocked as we didn’t know anything. She tells Pratap met her in the morning and said he is ready. She asks Ratan to confirm with Pratap. Ratan calls Pratap, but his phone is busy. Anmol tells Ratan to talk to Pratap and finalize everything.

Payal tells Ratan that they can’t wait till the morning and gives Nikhil love letters to him. Ratan gets happy. Pratap calls him. Ratan asks him, did he talk to Anmol about something. Pratap says he talked to Anmol regarding the land gym. Ratan gets relieved. He tells Payal that Anmol gave him opportunity to separate her from Nikhil. Payal tells Ratan Singh that Anmol will see his book. Ratan calls everyone and tells he has decided that they will go to Ashok’s house to ask for Seema’s hand for marriage. Mala says Pratap will not agree. Ratan says Anmol talked to him already. Neelam thinks Ratan Singh is upto something and tries to convince Mala to agree for this alliance. Madan says they will give love to Anmol, like the way we give love to Seema. Ratan says best thing is that we know Seema. May be other girl can’t adjust in this house.

Ratan Singh comes to Ashok’s house and tries to convince Nikhil. He tells that he will take bahu from the same house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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