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Kamini watches Anvesha going with the students and comes behind. Anvesha comes to the boys dorm and shouts at them to stop it. Vibha and Rishab had also come there. Siali, Niti and Utkarsh come to Parth who was lying concuosless, beaten badly. Anvesha tells Kartik to take him to medical room. They take Parth. Anvesha calls everyone to her room, she asks Kamini about Urmilla and sends her to bring Urmilla to her office. Kamini asks her to listen to her, Anvesha doesn’t listen to her and says she will talk to them all in her cabin. She looks at Sid and says disgusting. Siali calls them all as animals. Utkarsh says they all beat Parth together, Siali looks at Sid and says does a headboy do this to his school students, this is his school doesn’t mean he can take a life of someone. Niti calls Sid as

loser, as he couldn’t fight Parth alone. Krissane says to them they are losers that they told Anvesha. Niti says had they not told her, Sid must have killed Parth. Niti stampeded on Krissane’s foot, she says does it hurt; she herself is a loser. Siali takes Niti along her and calls Utkarsh out as well.
Anvesha asks Urmilla how many classes are there the school. She asks how many students? Urmilla says 200. Anvesha corrects there are 182 only. She asks Kamini how many she has to supervise. Kamini says 54. Anvesha says this makes one fourth, and she asks how she is supervising her students. Since this batch started there are so many students who reached the hospital. Anvesha scolds Urmilla for choosing a headboy who not only beat a student but encouraged his fellows as well, just because his last name is Rajput doesn’t mean he deserves the position. She calls the students out.
Anvesha asks Parth sitting on the chair why the fight happened. She asks Siddardh Rajput what was happening in his dorm. Niti says he will tell her, Sid and his friends beat Parth. Parth couldn’t fight them all. Anvesha ask if she was there. Niti says no. Anvesha asks who was there who would tell her the truth. Utkarsh says he was. Utkarsh says this was all because of Sid’s secret party. Anvesha asks what for? Utkarsh says Sid became the head boy so he kept party for the batch. In the party, Sid mixed wine in Parth’s drink. Parth had promised his mom not to touch wine ever, his promise broke. Due to this the fight took place. Anvesha says this is what happening in the school.
Anvesha comes to Sid and says she is disappointed in him, she says to Urmilla that she didn’t know Urmilla won’t be able to take care of school for just one month. She takes the badge off Siddardh’s shirt saying he doesn’t deserve this. She says it is earned, not gained. She asks him to learn from Rohan, he keeps things disciplined; his house is preparing for boxing championship. Kamini tries to explain, Anvesha tells her not to interfere. She says she is disappointed in them all, she keeps Sid’s badge and says he will be punished. She tells Kartik to get first aid for all the injured students and the rest of them must go to their dorms. Urmilla stays in the office, but Anvesha tells her to leave.
Parth, Utkarsh, Niti and Siali were ahead all the students in the corridor. Urmilla stops Sid and asks how he can do this, what he was thinking while doing this. She says she is ashamed of him. Sid looks at Urmilla in rage, but doesn’t say anything.
In the staffroom, Kamini says to staff what is happening in the school this time. These students always create problems. She says only these 54 students in their house create problems. Rishab tells Kamini not to blame herself for this. Kamini says every rule has been broken, along with beating a students, they have also consumed alcohol here. Rishab asks Kamini not to blame herself, all the teachers should have taken care of students. Kamini says she feels bad about Urmilla. Rishab says at this time, we must not get worried and try to make students realize how important are the rules of the school. Vibha thinks how Parth would be. Kamini says that tomorrow would be a new start for all these students. Kamini asks whose luggage it is, Rishab says a girl named Angella had to join the school, she has come now.
Niti was going with lunch for Parth, she keeps the tray aside to open the door. Charlie comes there, Niti asks how selfish he is, how can he beat Parth this way. Charlie asks her not to take him wrong, he was supporting his friend that way she is. She must not bring their love in between. Niti is enraged hearing the word love. Charlie says they are like a lover couple belonging to an enemy family. Niti says he has gone insane. Charlie says he is daring to say the truth, she is Juliet and he is the Romeo but she belongs to Siali’s family and he belongs to Sid’s family; his love for her is true. He opens the door and goes inside. His words echo in Niti’s mind and she was upset because of this.

PRECAP: Peon was bringing luggage, Utkarsh’s shirt gets stuck in the box and is torn. Utkarsh reads Angella’s name and says he had only one shirt, she torn it before coming in, what will happen if she really comes. Niti gives apple to Charlie, they smiles, Sid watches this.

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    1. No for utkarsh there will be krissan, angella is the girl with whose name siyali stayed till Freshers party and now she is cmg

    2. maybe…or may not be but she is going to play an important role that’s for sure…. maybe she plays an important role as the cupid between the couples

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  5. Oh this show s just amazing …..

  6. show’s going strong with time…hope siali also start having feeling as other’s ….. vibharth are going good…and charniti’s romeo-juliet’s story has also started so…sidali is left……and angella is gonna be an good twist

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