Waiting for my soulmate (Ragsan)


Love is eternal,it’s beautiful. Love is around me,love is near me,but not within me because I hate that untill I see you. You are the magic that ever happened to me. The most beautiful thing which I want to worship…

Hoping to meet you one day….


Tejasswi Prakash as Ragini

She is the princess of her father,love him to the core . Don’t wish to disobey her father at any cost. Motherless girl grow up with the immense love of her grandmother and her father. Good hearted girl with beauty and intelligent.

Varun Kapoor as Sanskar makeswri. The world’s biggest business man hate girls usually becoz of his girlfriend’s betrayal. But love his mother and sister a lot. Forced to marry ragini out of his will. He generally hate marriage and all because the girl whom he was in love was just behind him for money,that’s the reason he hate but our selfless ragini entry would change him totally …

He eventually falls in love with her and they can’t spare each others seperation but fate plays an game.WILL THEY BE ONE AGAIN???

Hi guzs this is meetushri hug fan of ragsan…I’m new her had joined her today only…eagerly waiting for karnsangini…do support me plz guzs. Had post this story in watpad too @shinnypearl do follow me…. comments r welcomed…take care till the time I return…

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  1. Waiting for next update

    1. Meetushri

      Will update tonight

  2. sanraglak1809

    awesome Dr

    1. Meetushri

      TQ sis😊

  3. MKRS

    Interesting dr

    1. Meetushri

      TQ sis😁

  4. Awesome Continue

    1. Meetushri

      TQ , sure will continue 😊

  5. Interesting sis. Try to update regularly.

    1. Meetushri

      I’m not surly of that since I’m study medicine but will post at least 3epi a week.😊

  6. Amazinggggggggggg concept

    1. Meetushri

      U will like the ending too😊trust me

  7. Damn interesting sisssy. Eagerly waiting for first update πŸ˜„

    1. Meetushri

      Will post this night,TQ 😁

  8. Awesome Continue eagerly waiting 🀣

    1. Meetushri

      Will post next tonight TQ😊

  9. Interesting Interesting

    1. Meetushri

      U would love the ending too trust me,TQ😊

  10. Superbbbbbbb

  11. Lahari

    Hiii dear..interesting concept..post next part soon

    1. Meetushri

      Di u 🀩🀩🀩🀩😍😍😍 TQ so much .had posted the next part .will be published tonight…trust me I will like this story

      1. Meetushri

        Di our princess is coming back with karnsangini….super story sis I had read the story.it will give nice future for her…

  12. Superb dear

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