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The Episode starts with Harjeet going to shoot Mannu. Lala ji comes there and slaps Harjeet. He asks did you get mad to kill such a baby for your enmity, you should be ashamed. Lala ji saves Mannu. Harjeet asks Lala ji not to get between his matter, you knew about Swaroop, and has sent her away, when she came back, she went to Jagan, I want revenge, throw the baby in the valley, else I will throw him, but you can’t stop me today. Lala ji asks him to shoot his dad.

Harjeet says I will do anything. He hits Lala ji with the gun. Lala ji falls down. Harjeet aims at Mannu. Lala ji stops Harjeet and says I can fight against wrong. Harjeet says Jagan has ruined Swaroop’s life. Lala ji asks did Mannu ruin her life, you got blind in revenge. He makes Harjeet fall. Harjeet asks him to shoot. Lala ji takes

Mannu and throws gun. He gets on his horse and goes.

Jagan comes home injured. Everyone ask what happened. Amba asks about Mannu. Jagan says forgive me, I could not save your son, they have thrown your son from the cliff. Amba and Bebe get shocked. Amba cries and shouts Mannu. Amba runs out. Bebe cries that Bajwas killed Mannu. Jagan promises her that he will not leave them and take revenge. Lala ji is on the way. Amba runs on the way and cries. Amba sees Lala ji with Mannu. Lala ji shows her Mannu and gets down the horse. Amba happly cries seeing Mannu fine. Lala ji gives Mannu to her and says Mannu is fine, I got your Amanat safely. Lala ji falls down. Amba gets shocked. Lala ji holds his chest. He tells her that he wants to clean the stains on his shoulders, he tried to pay the debt, you took the tough decision of making a daughter a son. Amba gets shocked. He says women have much power, but we men think women are weak.

He prays that Amba’s daughter fulfills her dream. He blesses Mannu and asks her to Charan’s dream. He dies. Amba cries and says Charan and Lala ji died while getting peace in this village, now its Mannu’s duty to get peace and prosperity in this village.

Jagan tells Bebe about Bajwas and signs Raavi. Raavi says Charan died, and now our Mannu, its fate is bad. She cries and they try to influence Bebe. Jagan says forgive me Bebe, I could not save Mannu, but let me get fine, then I will not leave Bajwas, I will kill them. Raavi says don’t know where is Amba.

Bebe says what will Amba do staying here, she can stay in some corner here or leave from here, or she may die, it does not matter. Raavi and Jagan smile. Bebe asks Jagan to get Mannu’s body to do final rites. They get shocked seeing Amba with Mannu. Raavi says Bebe, Mannu is alive. Bebe says my grandson, Amba give me Mannu. Amba says no one will touch my son. She asks Jagan what happened, are you not happy seeing Mannu alive, you said Mannu died, you have seen that. Jagan asks what do you mean to say, tell clearly, I went alone and fought with Bajwas, I got shot, I tried to save Mannu, but Harjeet was mad to shoot Mannu, then I thought to come home and save the women here. Amba asks would you do same if it was Sukhi in Mannu’s place, would you run away.

Raavi says we are glad that Mannu got saved, you can’t question Jagan like this. Amba asks her to ask her husband, my son is Pavaniya’s Shah, he was kidnapped from Pavaniya’s house, how? Pavaniya went to save Mannu could not get him, but got his death news, and Bajwas who took him to kill have returned him, how? They get shocked.

Amba tells Bheeru that Mannu was with Lala ji for some time, he got to know that Mannu is not a boy, no one will touch Mannu from today. Bebe goes to Harjeet and shouts that Lala ji is dead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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