Ishq Unplugged 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy and Antara are about to kiss each other when Antara gets conscious and pushes him. He says sorry and leaves. Sunny comes back to dormitory and sees Mandy missing and her gift box still unopened. She sees Antara sleeping and asks if she is sleeping till now. Antara says she is not feeling well and does not want to go out. Sunny picks her gift box and leaves.

Sunny does yoga alone on stage. Shaan comes and brainwashes him against Antara and leaves. Sunny thinks Mandy is missing and she needs to find out. Antara gets ready and thinks if Mandy was testing her or really wanted to kiss her. Button comes and says Antara she needs his help. Antara says she is busy and asks if she saw Mandy. He says Mandy is in rehearsal room. Shaan asks why is she asking about Mandy, where were

they missing last night. Antara nervously says mind his own business and leaves.

Mandy in rehearsal hall reminisces Antara’s scoldings and shouts. Sunny comes and acts as consoling him. He goes to green room and Sunny follows. Antara comes and Mandy leaves. Sunny stops Antara and asks why Mandy is not talking to her. She says she does not know. Mandy asks where was she last night. Antara says she got a call from Mandy’s sister, so she went out to give him phone.

Sunny tries to speak to Mandy, but he leaves. Button comes and she yells at him. Shaan asks to stop venting her anger on Button. Button explains next round’s rules that they should request for public votes in unique style. Antara enters and says Mandy she needs to talk. Sunny tries to interfere, but Antara says she needs to talk first. Mandy hides in changing room. Antara says she knows he is here and asks how dare he is to check if she will kiss him or not. He says he likes her. She asks if he loves his sister, how can he think of testing other woman’s dignity, if his respect of women nature ends at his sister. He says if she can take decisions without her mother’s permission. She shouts not to drag her mother. He says he does not love her now and leaves asking not to follow him again. Sunny hears their conversation and gets jealous.

Mandy and Antara clash repeatedly but ignore each other. Sunny watches them. She calls Shaan out and says he was right, to get Mandy she needs to send Antara out of compeition, so the deal is he will win competition and she will get Mandy. They both shake hands and strike a deal.

In the morning, Mandy wakes up and looks at Antara. Antara wakes and looks at him. He turns and walks out, comes back and says he does not want to talk to her. She ignores him and locks bathroom. He shouts he wants to go first.

Precap: Shaan says Sunny that he has a plan. She asks what plan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shekhar.yash01
    It’s a Fan Fiction on Ishq Unplugged
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  2. Shaan and sunny should be eliminated!!!!

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