Waada raha sanam _ twinj episode 2

Hey Friend’s ! It’s Rhea back ?


TWINKLE TANEJA : (AGE : 14) She is Bubbly , Fun Loving girl ? Total Punjabi Pataka , Best Friend of Kunj and Leela’s only daughter !

LEELA TANEJA : A business Woman , sweet and caring lady.

KUNJ SARNA : (AGE : 14) He is a hot & handsome munda , who is loving and caring guy , he is sweet munda ! Twinkle’s BEST FRIEND !

USHA SARNA : She is a simple house women who always wants her family to be happy ?

MANOHAR SARNA : He is biggest businessman in Amritsar , He is a Family man who wants his family always happy ?

_Episode 2_

Twinkle comes in and sits beside kunj!

K : pagal hai tu kyu kiya tune yeh..?
(Are you Crazy ?)

T: (acting innocent) Maine kya kiya?
(What I did ?)

K: (rolling his eye’s) bol toh Aise rahi h Jaise iss ladki ko kuch pata hi na ho!
(Lying as if this girl doesn’t know anything  what I am talking about ?)

T: itna senti kyu ho rahe ho?!
(Why are you getting so emotional ?)

Kunj’s gaze fell on her hand which was completely red and swelled due to hits..

K: haath dikha!
(Show your hand)

Twinkle shows her hands to him while kunj held it carefully trying not to hurt her more.

K: dekh kitni swelling hogayi hai
(See how much it had swelled)

He keeps his hand on her hand and rubs it slowly and carefully trying to ease her pain.

K: rukk mai ointment lekar aata hu..
(Wait ! Let me bring Ointment ?)

T: nahi nahi theek hojayega khud hi..
(Areh ! No need it will be Okay soon)

K: khud hi kaise theek hoga pagal..
(How will it be Okay ?)

T:(Lovingly) Tera haath lag gaya na toh khud hi theek hojayega..
(Your touch is enough to vanish the pain ?)

K: kyaaa
(What ??)

T: kuch nhi!

K: acha theek hai… (joking) Tu 2 Minute wait kar mai 5 minute Mai aata hu..
(Okay ! You wait 2 minutes I will be back in 5 minutes)

Twinkle giggled at his stupidity and murmered..

T: Jhalla..

He came back with ointment and started applying it on twinkle’s hand while she was just gazing him lovingly ?

K: (worriedly) twinkle Dard toh nhi ho raha na?
(Twinkle is it still paining?)

Twinkle who was busy admiring him came back to her senses when kunj snapped his fingers infront of her..

K : Tujse baat kr raha hu madam ?
( I am talking to you madam)

T : areyy!! Sorry sorry kya bola tune
(Oops ? Sorry ? What did you say?)

K : Dard toh nhi ho raha na!?
(Is it paining)

T: (cutely) nahi!

K : (completed appliying ointment on her hand) hogaya ! Kya hua aise kyu dekh rahi hai?
(Done ! What happened ? Why are you staring like this)

T: kuch nahi bass Aise hi ?
(Nothing ?)


Both are sitting in the garden on the bench…

K : Sunn na
(Listen Na)

T: bol

K: tune Kabi bataya nahi…
(You never told)

T: kya ?
(What ?)

K: ki school mai Tera crush kaun hai..
(Who is your Crush in school ?)

T: tune Kabi bataya? ( counter questioning)
(Did you ever told ?)

K: bataya toh tha… Teri friend.. Shruti ?
(I told you na ?‍♂️ Your Friend shruti ?)

T: oh haan! Yaad aaya
(Ooh yeah !)

She was again lost somewhere and thinking something..

And suddenly comes in her Avtar and says I am twinkle taneja..mai apni personal feelings kisi se share nahi karti

(says it in that same attitude and style)

K: badi aayi..( mimicking her) I am twinkle taneja

T : chal good night kal milte hai..
(Okay ! Good Night ? Will see you tomorrow)

K: good night.. Sunn Sunn Tu ek baat toh bhul hi gayi !
(Good Night ? Stoppppp ! You Forgot one thing ?)

T: kya… Oh!  Yeah how can i forget ! aaja..
(What ? Oh Yes ?How can I forgot ? Come !

They both came closer and tickle each others nose ?

[ you guys must have seen it in Kuch kuch hota hai, Rahul and anjali | remembered? ]

K: acha Sunn kal late mat kariyo picnic hai hamari!
(Listen ! Don’t be late tomorrow.. Tomorrow is Our Picnic ?)

T: areyy haan… BTW Mai late nhi krti hu Samja ?
(Oh Yes ? BTW I don’t always gets late ? Got ? Bye !)


This is it for second episode ? Thank you Everyone for commenting on last episode and for all your support and love ?

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