Saam Daam Dand Bhed 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sadhna Accuses Vijay

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 22nd March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira asks Sadhna to go home now, she will convince her father to help in Prabhath’s case. She sends Sadhna in car. Bulbul stops car and asks Sadhna why did she come here. Sadhna says it is none of her business.

Mandira returns home and thanks god that nobody is here. She gets tensed that Ananth and says she went to help him and spoke to baba and tries to lure him, says she loves him and can do anyhting for him. Ananth gets intimaate and says their suhagraat has not happened yet, so now they will celebrate suhagraat now. He gets a call and leaves saying Mandira that she can go out today as tonight is their suhagaat.

Vijay returns home and asks Bulbul why did she call him so much. She tells him that Madira is trying to harm them via Sadhna now and tells him whole story happened. He asks where did Mandira take Sadhna. Sadhna enters and says CM’s residence.

Ananth meets baba who says he did whatever he said. Ananth says he is not helping him because he is his damad, but because he also wants it happen he has not become CM just like that. Baba says as Ananth wanted, he reopened Prabhath’s case and send Vijay behind bars proving him guilty instead. Ananth nods yes and leaves. Pankaj walks in and pleads him not to get too close to his damad. Baba says he does not have son, so Ananth will be his legal heir, Pankaj should be happy that he did not inform Ananth that Pankaj is Prabhath’s murderer.

Vijay confronts Sadhna why did she go to CM. Sadhna shouts he told CM will not help, but he readily accepted to help, truth is Vijay forgot his family and his promise to punish Prabhath’s culprit after becoming MLA, she has lost faith on Vijay. Vijay is shattered and kneeling down pleads her to trust him. Sadhna shouts and leaves. Gaytri taunts Vijay that Bulbul made his condition so worse and his family is not trusting him now. Drama continues…..

Precap: Bulbul warns Mandira if she interferes in her family, even she will interfere in her family. Mandira challenges that Bulbul can can do nothing and Ananth and her suharaat is tonight. Ananth stops again during their intimacy.

Update Credit to: MA

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