Vivah: A journey from being strangers to soulmates (Part 15)

Part 15: Decreasing distance


As it was noon by the time, everyone had lunch together. After the lunch, the youngsters were thinking what game to play… just then little aryan shouted.

Aryan: let’s play hide and seek

Arjun: good idea champ

Laksh: okay so I will do the counting, you all hide.

Laksh started counting and everyone ran to hide somewhere. Swara ran and hid behind some bushes. She was peeking through the bush again and again. She gets scared as her back touched something. She immediately turned and was shocked seeing sanskar who also just turned around.

Sanskar: Swara, you here

Swara: woh… I saw this bushy area so I hid here.

Sanskar: same here… and now we can’t go out to hide somewhere else as bhai has stopped counting.

Swara smiles. They heard some footsteps, they bent more… making them come closer. Just then, swara’s eyes went on a cockroach who was roaming around her feet. Swara widened her eyes. Sanskar was surprised seeing her sudden change of expression. He followed his gaze and saw the cockroach. He understood that she is getting scared.

Swara was going to scream but before the voice could come out of her mouth, sanskar immediately put his palm on her mouth. Swara looked at him and then again at the cockroach. which was coming towards her feet. She got more scared and came more close to him. Sanskar signed her that he will remove the cockroach.

He held the cockroach and threw it away. Swara took a sigh of relief. Sanskar removed his hand and started looking everywhere except swara. Swara was confused.

Swara: What happened?

Sanskar (trying to suppress his laughter): N..nothing.

Swara (narrowing her eyes): Are you laughing at me?

Sanskar kept his hand on his mouth for few seconds to prevent him laughing.

Sanskar (removing his hand): No no, I am not laughing.

Swara (scrunches her nose): So… this is not a thing to laugh on. I am also a human, and every human is scared of something.

Sanskar (raising his one eyebrow): Really, but I am not scared of anything.

Swara: Don’t lie… you must be scared of something.

Sanskar (smiles): Tch, now I am not scared of anything.

Swara (monologue): Haawww… he is lying.

Swara remembers about last night when ragini asked if there is any mouse in this house.


Ragini: Swara, can I ask you one thing.

Swara: Bhabhi, just ask me… why are you asking permission.

Ragini: Woh, actually sanskar is very scared of the mouse so….

Swara (surprised): What!

Ragini: yes… actually when he was small, that time he was bitten by a mouse. Since then he is scared of the mouse.

Swara: Don’t worry bhabhi, there is no mouse in this house.

Flashback ends.

Swara smiles teasingly and shouts, “Sanskar! there is a mouse behind you!”

Sanskar shouts and holds swara’s hands tightly.

Sanskar (closed his eyes): S..s..swa..swara, please shoo it away. will b..bite me.

Swara burst out of laughing. Sanskar opened his with a jerk and looked at her laughing. He looked behind and there is no mouse.

Swara (while laughing): hahaha… you are scared of a mouse…

Sanskar: So it was all a prank.

Swara (while moving backward): Yes…

Saying this she got up and started running. Sanskar took time to realize that she ran away. He stood up and started running behind her.

Whereas laksh has already found everyone except SwaSan.

Arjun: Laksh bhai, what about didi and jiju.

Laksh (chuckling): Both of them hid at the same place… so I left them there.

Arjun was going to say something but his eyes went to the two figures who were running. He widened his eyes. He rubbed them few times and also pinched himself to make him believe.

Laksh and ragini were confused seeing arjun’s expression. They followed his gaze, they also reacted the same way as Arjun after seeing Sanskar running behind Swara. Both of them were giggling and laughing.

Laksh: What magic did that bush did that these two are chasing each other… giggling and laughing together… those who were shy to even look into each other’s eyes.

Ragini: I think we should go from here. Let them play and let’s continue our game.

The trio went little far from them. Whereas Sanskar was busy in chasing Swara.

Sanskar: I will not leave you Swara. You knew that I was scared of mouse and you still scared me

Swara (giggling): that was to prove you that every human is scared of something.

Swara stopped at a point as it was a dead point… means now there was a river flowing in front of her. She turned around to face sanskar who was coming towards her steadily with a “now where will go look.”

Swara: Sanskar, I am sorry… that was only a prank and I am your fiancé so you should forgive me.

Sanskar (raisin his one eyebrow): Really?

Swara starts moving backward as Sanskar was moving stepped by towards her.

Due to the muddy ground, swara’s one foot slipped and she lost her balance. Sanskar ran towards her to catch but he also slipped and both of them fell down in the river.

Because they fell down near the bank of the river, it wasn’t too deep. Swara has wrapped her hands around Sanskar’s torso tightly due to fear and cold while he was just looking at her admiringly and intensely. He slowly wrapped his hands around her waist and back.

His heart was getting a heavenly feeling after seeing her hugging him tightly. One thing he understood, that whenever she will be in any problem or will be scared, she will remember him… the way she is hugging him shows it. He was feeling content that he is taking place in her heart. Water was dripping from both of their bodies.

Sanskar: Swara

Swara opened her eyes and looked up at him. Her breaths got uneven as she felt his warm hands wrapped around her body. She was getting tickling sensations seeing his intense gaze on her. She then slowly looked down at herself, where she is all wet. And he dupatta is missing. She slowly moved her hands from his waist till her chest. Sanskar understood her inner feeling and turned around. He started looking for her dupatta.

After few minutes, he found it. He took in his hands and went towards swara who was standing still, looking down, hands on her chest and shivering a little. Sanskar stood in front of her and wrapped the dupatta around her should.

Swara looked at him and gestured thank you through her eyes.

Sanskar: Let’s go.

Swara nods.

Sanskar held her shoulders and helped her to come out of the river.

Sanskar: Are you okay?

Swara nods. Swara was looking down with a little blush on her face. Both of them went towards where their families were.

Both of their families were talking with each other. Their eyes went on the newly engaged couple who are coming, all wet.

Laksh (teasingly): Yaar, Sanskar. You could have told us that you both will go swimming then we also would have joined you guys and brought racers clothes with us.

Sanskar looked at laksh and said, “bh… bhai what are you saying? Woh… we both fell down in the river.

Laksh (teasingly): Really! How?

Both, Swara and sanskar got embarrassed.

Ragini gave a smack to laksh, “Stop teasing them laksh. See, how much they are shivering. Think about from where to bring clothes for them as the home is very far away.”

Laksh: don’t worry, there is a cloth shop nearby. Let’s go there and buy clothes for them.

Ragini nods. RagLak went to the shop and bought clothes for both of them. Swara changed in the van and then Sanskar changed.

Both of the families played some more games together but not without teasing Swara and sanskar, leaving them all embarrassed and shy. Indeed it was one of the best days for both families and the newly engaged couple… swasan. This day brought them closer, their hearts were coming closer, their souls were already connected to each other. Their love realization will make their heart and soul one.

Soon both of them reached gadodia house.

Shomi: sujataji, I will go and make dinner.

Sujataji: no shomiji… no need

Shomi: arrey, but why?

Rp: woh bhabhi, actually… Sanskar has a flight at 9 pm. And we still have to pack his bag.

Shekhar: But ramprasadji, where is sanskar going suddenly?

Sanskar: Baba, I have to go to London for one and half weeks for an important conference. I got to know about this today morning.

Sanskar then looked at swara with little guilt in his eyes. Swara was already looking at him with a sad face. Sujata understood that both of them need to talk.

Sujata: If we can’t have dinner but we can have some tea with you. Till then swara and sanskar can spend more time.

Shomi nods and goes to swara, “Shona, you go to your room with sanskar.”

Swara nods and both of them went to swara’s room. They were standing in the room, but not talking to each other. And, finally… sanskar broke the ice. He held her hands

Sanskar: I am sorry swara. I wanted to tell you about this but I didn’t want to make you sad by telling you about this. I know how important this period is for us as we need to each other very well and spend time. I tried my best to postpone this conference but I couldn’t do it.

Swara (smiles): It’s totally okay sanskar. Work is also important and I know how much you love your work. Please don’t feel guilty. I will not like it if due to me you will face loss.

Sanskar tightened his grip on her hand after listening to her words. He is feeling very lucky to have such an understanding fiance and to be wife. He came little closer to her, decreasing their distance.

Sanskar: Thank you for understanding me. And (huskily) thank you for making this day one of my most memorable days of my life. Thank you for making all the moments special for me… which I will always remember and cherish.

Swara smiled shyly and looked down.

Swara (low voice): Thank you to you too.

A smile appeared on sanskar’s face. He cupped her one cheek and made her look up at him. He closed his eyes and kissed her forehead with full of passion. Swara closed her eyes as she feels his rough lips on her skin.

He then whispered, “I will miss meeting you swara.”

Swara slowly opened her eyes and looked at him with her glassy eyes. She doesn’t know but her heart feeling like crying to see sanskar going away only for one and a half week. She has got habituated of meeting him, seeing his bright, handsome face. The same thing was happening with sanskar. He will miss seeing her cute innocent face. It’s not like he will not talk to her after going to London, he will. But due to their newly developed feelings for each other, was not letting sanskar to go to London… but unfortunately he has to go.

Sanskar: Take care of yourself.

Swara: You too and don’t drink anything cold and do wear warm clothes as it is very cold there. Don’t forget to eat food on time.

Sanskar smiles at her concern.

Sanskar: Don’t worry, I will not forget.

Both of them went downstairs.

Rp: Thank you shekharji.. now we all will take leave.

Shekhar: Ji, namaste.

Arjun: Good luck jiju.

Sanskar: Thank you arjun.

The maheshwari family sat in the car and they drove off. Sanskar looked through the wing window… he could see swara waving bye. He smiles and waves bye at her.

Precap: Sanskar in London.

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