Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Masa with another game

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Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Heera says Adhi will break his relationship with you too. Devi says I wont let that happen. She says in heart what if that actually happens.
Mukun is changing his shirt. Kesar says can you put this sindur.. It falls by his hand. Kesar says oh this is so bad.

Adhi is asleep. Devi comes to his room. He says whats in your hands? She says nothing. Adhi checks her hands. Its trumpet. Adhi says I told you I have nothing to do with music. She says but you have relationship with me. And I want to listen to it. She plays it. Adhi says stop. Adhi takes it from her and plays. Devi rests her head in his lap.
Keasar says its been three years when I waited for you. Kesar hugs him and says I want to go ahead with this relationship. He says please listen. What are you doing. THere is a reason why I stayed away from you and for my behavior. He wears his shirt. Kesar says three years I have lived alone. I want to make this relationship. She says what is it? He says I met a baba ji. He told me if I get married I will die. She says what are you saying. I waited these three years for you and for your life. She says let me bring you water. he says how do I tell you truth.

DEvi asks Adhi are you doing all this for me or just your child. Saradh comes. Kesar says I am going to temple. Mukun isn’t well. I have fasted. A baba comes in and says somethihng really bad will happen. Heera says what are you saying baba. Heera says he came from Ajmer. He si saying something bad will happen in this house. Its because of the coming child. Adhi says dont’ say a word about my child. Baba says there is a danger in your child’s life. Adhi says tell me the solution.

Adhi says tell me what I have to do. Baba sasy you have to save him from the danger. Devi says stop this is superstition. Adhi says I dont’ care. Devi says to Masa please stop all this. She says the solution baba is going to say might even kill adhi. Devi says how can you do this. Masa says can you see him in? If you wanna stop this tell him truth. Devi says how can you see your son in pain? Heera says you don’t need ot care about that.
Baba takes adhi to temple. Devi sees adhi all chained. Devi says what are they doing with him

Precap-Adhi lays on nails. Devi says baba answer me one thing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well not much to comment on this episode other then to say who knew that Kesar was such a repressed bundle of passion, poor thing, i hope they eventually let her marry Saradh.

  2. Masa never fails to surprise me with her shocking and appalling deeds .She is n’t worth calling a human,leave alone a mother.She is shch a monster that she doesn’t mind seeing her son dying for her ego and revenge,She warns Devi whether she tells the truth or not,she will be the loser.Indirectly Masa says she has nothing to lose and imagine she claims to be a mother….what a disgrace and shame! Devi should have recorded everything with her mobile and thrown the evidence at Adhi’s face but the writers won’t have anything to show in this serial.Not surprisingly Adhi will come to know about Devi’s deception very shortly,but will be kept in the dark about his mothrr’s countless sins till the very last episode of the serial.Like Preeti is to ADDN ,Masa to Jeet Gsyi.Both are extremely negative characters,

  3. Adhiraj is blind when it comes to masa
    But in this case I don’t agree with Devi , agree she lied to save her life but now she’s taking things too far. I won’t blame Adhiraj turning his monster self again after knowing the truth. Waiting to see they declaring ❤️. Also heard some new character will enter the show who will help them unite
    Hoping against the odds ?

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