Vishkanya 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malay rush into Apu’s burning house and sees her carrying a lady. He crosses fire, picks lady and takes her out. Kalpana runs and holds her calling didi bhai. Apu calls her maa and feeds her water. Nandita is shocked that didi bhai whom she tried to killed 18 years ago is alive. She realizes Kalpana played a trick to take revenge and angrily walks to her home. She confronts Harshvardan that the lady who ruined her life is still alive and is living as neighbor since 18 years, now her sister is trying to take revenge by getting her daughter married to Malay.

Neighbors ask Kalpana who is this lady. Kalpana says her sister. Rasik and Malay take family to Mittal house and after they relax, Rasik asks Kalpana who is this lady. Kalpana says her didi bhai and tells story how an evil man crushed her didi bhai and jijaji with his car and killed jijaji, didi bhai went into coma. When she filed police complaint, police did not do anything as man was from rich family and instead troubled her. Apu is didi bhai’s daughter and Tapur is her daughter. She came here thinking of her family’s safety and did not let even tell children about didi bhai and hid her till now. Nandita fumes hearing the story. Malay picks didi bhai and makes her sleep on bed.

Kalpana tells Apu that Nandita knows their plan now. Apu says nobody can harm them now. Nandita hear that and yells at Kalpana that she is a good actor, she had an affair with her husband and tried to snatch father from Malay. She will not be able to take revenge now. Kalpana says she will take revenge for sure, she did not know that Malay was married, else she is not a one who would build her house on someone’s grave, now didi bhai daughter will take revenge. Nandita says she will tell truth to Malay and then he will kick them off his life.

Precap: Apu tells Nandita that she should tell truth to Malay for sure and he will take their revenge instead of them. She drags Nandita to hall and says Malay that she wants to tell something. Nandita stands in a shock.

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    2. Naagin is going to end so I wil miss it very much

      1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

        One and only matsh… Is the best show.

      2. baat hamri pakki hai,ipkknd,saas bina sasuraal,ek hasina thi

      3. also i miss badtameez dil and madhubala and of course the old yhm

    3. Its merit aashique tumsi hi what about you

      1. Mine…
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  5. I will miss naagin

  6. wow!!! now this serial came on the right track, now there should be a face to face fight between vishkanya & the mittals,waiting for next episode

    1. Yes Linsa.. N nice DP

      1. thanks kathy, this is sruthi hassan I like her after watching rocky handsome & I was a great fan of siddarth malhothra

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