Vishkanya 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malay rush into Apu’s burning house and sees her carrying a lady. He crosses fire, picks lady and takes her out. Kalpana runs and holds her calling didi bhai. Apu calls her maa and feeds her water. Nandita is shocked that didi bhai whom she tried to killed 18 years ago is alive. She realizes Kalpana played a trick to take revenge and angrily walks to her home. She confronts Harshvardan that the lady who ruined her life is still alive and is living as neighbor since 18 years, now her sister is trying to take revenge by getting her daughter married to Malay.

Neighbors ask Kalpana who is this lady. Kalpana says her sister. Rasik and Malay take family to Mittal house and after they relax, Rasik asks Kalpana who is this lady. Kalpana says her didi bhai and tells story how an evil man crushed her didi bhai and jijaji with his car and killed jijaji, didi bhai went into coma. When she filed police complaint, police did not do anything as man was from rich family and instead troubled her. Apu is didi bhai’s daughter and Tapur is her daughter. She came here thinking of her family’s safety and did not let even tell children about didi bhai and hid her till now. Nandita fumes hearing the story. Malay picks didi bhai and makes her sleep on bed.

Kalpana tells Apu that Nandita knows their plan now. Apu says nobody can harm them now. Nandita hear that and yells at Kalpana that she is a good actor, she had an affair with her husband and tried to snatch father from Malay. She will not be able to take revenge now. Kalpana says she will take revenge for sure, she did not know that Malay was married, else she is not a one who would build her house on someone’s grave, now didi bhai daughter will take revenge. Nandita says she will tell truth to Malay and then he will kick them off his life.

Precap: Apu tells Nandita that she should tell truth to Malay for sure and he will take their revenge instead of them. She drags Nandita to hall and says Malay that she wants to tell something. Nandita stands in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Frndz…… I need ur support. There is no improvement in didi’s health. Please pray for my sister….. She is still in coma. I am not going to lose hope. Plz pray for her.

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Sure I am praying for her.. Hope she is. Fine.

    2. Oh naimisha … Don’t worry dear today Friday jumma day I make dua for vaishnavi in shaa Allah she will definitely will recover soon… We the vishkanya family with u… We all pray for her … Don’t loose hope … She will get well soon…

    3. In shaa Allah …

    4. we are praying for her….she will surely be healthy

    5. Sarayu(honey)

      I will definitely pray for her. I am sure she will get fineverything, don’t lose hope dear

    6. We will pray for her and she will get fine

    7. We all will pray for her

    8. nimisha nothing will happen to her every thing will be fine have firm believe in Allah she will definitely be fine and be strong don’t weak

    9. Don’t worry dear, the Lord is already taking control. She will be fine

  2. superb…i like it….
    & frds hows u al

    1. Yes Nandi I loved today’s episode …??

  3. & wht about chipkali..???

    1. usko wall me chipke rahne do 😛

  4. Tnx MA mam for the updates …

  5. OMG!!! Precap am sure nanditha will not allow Apu to tell truth to Malay…

    1. i am also thinking along the same lines

  6. High voltage drama has began…

  7. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Superb precap.. Today I am happy becoz no vardhaan scenes??from today I have daily tuition for business maths and accounts so I will comment once or twice.. But I will read.u r comments daily..

    1. It’s ok… Naren… Take care

    2. best of luck for a large weight of studies bro really really best of luck yar

  8. Guys naren’s ff are posted pls do read n comment… Tnx..

    1. yah in the precap we are there di 🙂

    2. Yah Shai … Am so excited …

  9. Nice episode!

    1. Yes sanam… Finally didi Bhai’s truth out…

  10. Wow excited to see the face off of kalpana and nanditha…. Don’t know what will b chipklais part here…

    1. remove her….

    2. apni stupid acting se hame bore karegi…..interesting track ki kaala teeka banegi 😛

    3. She is already a kaala teeka of this show..

  11. Hey someone clear my doubt …who’s daughter is apu …. If apu is kalapana’s sister daughter then how Malay will marry her …???

    1. Apu kalpana’s sisters daughter kalapana only married to Malays daughter it means tapur is Malays half a sister not Apu…

    2. Oops it’s should Malays father… Instead Malays daughter ???

    3. Apu is kalpana’s sister’s daughter

  12. Shai, siddhi, rufina, Mel, sarayu… Where r u guys… Uff this moderation killing me…

    1. sorry di…i was actually sleeping after a hectic day

    2. It’s ok Shai… How u doing???

    3. fine…i have xams they after tommorrow

    4. Best of luck Shai… My dua’s always with u… Do well…??

    5. thanks di!!! 🙂

    6. best of luck for exams and do the preparation best

    7. thanks ooshi!!

    8. Di actually i am soo sad n depressed….

    9. Y dear what happen???

    10. what happened rufina y r u depressed and sad must reply

    11. Yes Kathy dear, i was actually busy today. Hope ur good

    12. Am good dear…

  13. good episode excited to see 2morrow episode

    1. Yes Ayesha me too..

  14. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys all my 8 ff is posted!!!!
    1.vishkanya ff
    2.Meri aashiqui tum se hi (ishveer forever)
    3.rettai Vaal kuruvi
    4.horror story
    5.fantasy thriller
    6.u r my life
    7. Krishnadasi
    8. Thapki and IKRS new ff..

    Pls guys if u find time read all my ff.. But I won’t read after posted???Becoz I am fear of reading.. My ff itself.. Kathy I love matsh soooo much.. More than vishkanya so only I am writing that show ff for 5Months and it completed 161epi!!! Second only vishkanya and next ek duje ke vaaste.. I love radhika madan alot!!! Next after matsh ended I was alone for some days.. Now apu…????my heart is broken when she is infront of my tv

    1. Wow 161 episode … Naren ur genius …??

    2. Yah I can understand how much u loved that show by those broken hearts on ur profile name..??

    3. It’s means first radhika n now Apu…. Not bad …??? Opss sorry…???

    4. “i am fear of reading” is not liked by me and don’t give much imp to a person if it’s not permanent i know i am interfaring so much in your life but what could i do because my heart had accepted u as my bro so i can’t control myself from advising u

    5. Not important

      There are a hell lot of grammatical mistakes in ur fan fictions. They are all simple english sentences which even a 12 year old who knows english can write. Instead of imagining wasteful things focus on your studies and try to score the best for it is academics which will help u thrive well… I read ur ff after u blabber so much that plz read plz read and to be very frank they are utter non sense.
      See watching programmes is nice but be mature and don’t get completely into them and start imagining stories and writing stupid fan fictions. If you would have invested so much time in some productive thing like playing some sport it would have yielded better result instead of begging to make comments bar cross 100.
      And to all others watch the shows for ur entertainment not that ur life is dependent on them.
      Sorry for being rude but unfortunately that’s the truth. I cant watch vishkanya so I read updates and the updates are nice but all the shit discussion u do is worthless. I’m not telling don’t discuss but also do realise the importance of this time which u waste in discussing toooo much…

    6. Hello not important….. ur name itself says that ur not important of any of our life here …so we … The vishkanya family … Including naren… Ignoring ur comments … Tnx..????

    7. if your time is so precious,then why the hell are you commenting at 5 in the morning???? we comment only at our free times!!!

    8. your comment is also no important and also i don’t have so much patience to tolerate all your bkwas so i didn’t read the whole don’t u ever dare to say any thing against him if u can’t say any thing in his favor we are here to make him realise his mistakes or weak points so there is no need for u to say any thing to him i am repeating it again i am very eager to use some dash dash dash….. with u but i am tolerating hardly so

    9. Not important

      “Kalpana comes… She is dragged.. Blood falls on them… She died..”
      So I speak to u directly now ooshi Akbar! What kind of horror is this?
      I criticized him openly as a reader I can do that! And any writer should not feel bad about it! Plus there are so many uncountable mistakes!
      So are u illiterate that u can ignore such mistakes! Any article to be successful and entertaining for the readers should be at least grammatically correct and have the element of fun! U threat to abuse me that gaaliyan doongi! Then u don’t have that judgement to decide what’s actually correct! I am not only shocked but also laughing on reading ur such petty childish reply!
      I kept the name as Not Important as the name of any reader is not important but u’ll did not understand even the reason for that!
      And Mr. Naren plz bring some element of excitement in ur ff and please correct the grammar it’s very pissing!
      InshaAllah u’ll understand what I actually meant instead of emotionally crying foul!

  15. finally the show is back on track with a bang!!!! this is “Vishkanya ek anokhi prem kahani”
    now the show is giving us what it promised…apulay immortal love and kalpana vengeance!!
    love it
    if it continues to remain like this..then show will surely be in the trp race

    1. Yes Shai it’s back on track…. Super excited for the upcoming episode …

    2. congratulations shai u got which u wish,from this serial,with so much hard work/tolerating that chipkali

    3. yes ooshi 🙂 ….actually the whole vishkanya family’s hardwork has paid off!! so congratulations to everyone!!!

  16. Nice episode

  17. So Malay will take revenge on his own mom?

    1. Don’t know yet …

    2. are pata hoga tab na lega

  18. In a way Malay is Apu’s brother because harshbardhan is both Tapur and Malay’s father.Then how can Apu marry him.

    1. so what…malay is not related to apu

    2. Apu kalpana’s sisters daughter dear…

    3. exactly there are step-cousins, i thought about that since Kalpana revealed the truth to Apu

    4. harshbardhan is malay’s and tapur’s father BUT APU IS TAPUR’S COUSIN NOT REAL SISTER apu is the daughter of tapur’s mom’s sister/khala what u say khala i don’t know

  19. Siddhi i am going to take karnataka lions….

  20. Sarayu(honey)

    Nice episode

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