Vishkanya 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malay takes Vardaan to market and suggests her to shop. She joke she will not fall on him in market and goes to washroom. Malay gets busy playing game. Apu passes via him and enters washroom. Vardaan is also in washroom but does not notic Apu. She enters toilet. Apu applies hair extension and dusky south Indian makeup. Vardaan comes out and does not notice her even then and walks out. Apu completes her South Indian makeup with jewelry, specs, etc., and walks out.

Nigam waits at lottery shop. Lottery vendor says once his madam enters, Nigam’s fate will change. Apu enters as lottery vendor’s south Indian boss and asks Nigam if he is ready to invest/play game in 5 min or he will leave. Nigam says she will not find a gamer like him in whole India and he is very rich. She says

now she will enjoy playing with him, game. He says he has seen her somewhere. She says must be, there are 7 people with same face. Vendor asks if deal is final. Nigam says final.

Vardaan does vegetable shopping with Malay and says let us have aloo puri and tries to bargain with seller. She starts boring Malay with her bak bak. Malay goes to wash hands when she sees Apu at a distance speaking over phone and starts following her. Apu goes into lottery shop and wathes from a distance, thinks she cannot see Apu properly, calls Abhi to asks him to come there right now.

Apu tells Nigam that he will get double amount if he wins lottery, if he invests 50 lakhs, he will get 1 crore. Nigam’s eyes widen with greed and asks what if he loses. She says he will get back money as winning amont will be given by her company from their pocket. She gives him 1 lakh rs postdated cheque. Nigam greedily looks at cheque. Vardaan silently walks towards lottery shop and is about to peep into window when Malay comes and asks if she plays lottery also. She nervously says yes… He says let us go hoeme. She tries to peep repeatedly but stops seeing Malay and walks with him.

Vardaan comes back home and tells Abhi that she saw Apu for sure. He asks her to chill. She sees Apu coming home. Apu goes home and hides her hair extension in cupboard, gets a call and gets busy. Vardaan says Abhi that she needs to know Apu’s plan to save Malay.

Precap: Apu shows Nikunj’s secret locker. Kalpana says they need keys. Apu says she will do something. Vardaan calls Apu and invites her for dinner to know her plan.

Update Credit to: MA


    • shraddha

      OMG!wow! its MAHESH! i’m diehard fan of him since i’m 3 years old!
      RUFINA, did u stop watching KD?
      and i’m not following vishkanya since last 3 weeks,so tell me if if malay and that chipkali vardaan r married,
      if it is a yes then i’ll die of heart attack or else jumping frm 6th floor

      • Rufina

        same to pinch….i am too a die heart fan of mahesh……i still watch KD…n yes chipkali n malay r married..but pls don’t jump from 6th floor..pls…

      • Priyaraj

        Plz dont do like that i can understand even i dnt like malay n vardan’s marriage. plz dnt jump.

  1. AppuMalayFAN

    Now they are showing Appu as sautan who is interested in having illegitimate relationship with Malay, How much they will show the character of Appu in bad light.. They forgot Vishkanya is the story of Appu’s dark love. It is neither the story of illegitimate love story or the love story of Vardaan.

    Hence I request all Malay-Appu fans to stop watching Vishkanya on TV to reduce their TRP’s and show our frustration to CV’s and Zee TV.

    But always read written updates or watch the show online rather than seeing it on TV to make sure the TRP’s sink. So Plz take this campaign to your heart to let them know our frustration

  2. sonu

    How can they show apu as bad since she risked her life because of Malay thrice.and the time of other bad guy as her husband the time of Pooja the time of marriage put her in the acid??
    If she truly doesn’t love Malay means when she got tied at that time only she could tell that she doesn’t love him in phone directly but that bad mamaji told in her the time kalpana told to kill Malay she is thinking Malay and his immense love only ?? so sweat she is… she is not the villian .vardaan is the actual villian saving bad nandita and her brothers and coming in between Malay and apu..???

  3. ayesha

    Hi everyone commenting after so long time really very happy I gone to my class early but my teacher is not leaving me she leave me at 8:30 pm and sorry Hashan I can’t ask my teacher about hyperrealistic art bcuz I forgot sorry I m feeling very guilty sorry

  4. Karan

    Just hate Vardaan.If Vardaan gets the new lead and Apu gets villain then I and Siddhi will stop watching this serial.

  5. arpita

    Guys let’s call this nandita ,churel.As we call vardhan chipkali,we should give a name to this evil minded nandita.I think churel is perfect for her.Agree with me guys?

    • Rufina

      yeah di…she is leaving today night…i am certainlt gonna miss her…my sister’s collage owner has passed away so may be she be here for 1 more day….

  6. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Hi kathy di, narendran, oshi di, arpita, shai, harshan, rufina, ayesha, ayushi, lexi, prakriti, elsa, karan, ayush and all the vk family members

  7. Ooshi Akbar

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM wish a very good morning and good day to all members of my sweet and cute family AND a special one to the people who had fast today wish u all a great day ahead

  8. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Good morning… Kathy di, narendran, oshi di, shai, rufina, arpita, harshan, diya, karan, lexi and all the new old vk family members….

  9. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Good morning to naren, ooshi, Shai, shafaq, siddhi, rufina, harshan, Mel, mukti, Arpita , kavya, nagma, Tara, shammu, sharaya, Eva, Elsa , chitali, Ayesha Akka, Nandi, Ayesha , prakriti , sharadh , shraddha n all my new n old vishkanya family good morning all …. N have a wonderful day ahead… Keep smiling …

  10. Shai

    |Registered Member

    astosh got killed for his crave of food…laalsa
    nikumbh will be killed for his lobh(greedy for money)
    madan will be killed for havas(objectifies women)
    sunder for his ahankaar (arrogance of his so called beauty)
    the inspector will be killed for bhrashtachaar (corrupt)
    apu is giving us moral lessons…and finishing of the evils of world… are the real boon girl

  11. Shai

    |Registered Member

    from the last week’s episodes….it seems as if there are two different creative heads for the show…one who wants to show us the anokhi prem kahani of apulay..and the other who wants apu to turn negative and the chipkali mahaan!!!1 the former show apu fighting off the evils..the latter shows chipkali protecting malay from ‘evils’ of apu!!!
    hope the former writer wins the game!!!

  12. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Tere liye tarse…
    Bin ghata barse…

    Tere liye tarse…
    Bin ghata barse…

    Mora jiya…
    O re piya…
    O re piya…
    O re piya…

    Guys how is it ?
    Sorry i only found a teaser…
    Guess who sang it..?
    Let’s see who can get it right…..

  13. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Vardaan – chupkali
    Abhi – abhishap
    Nandita – churel
    Does any other person need a name??
    I dont know please tell me??

  14. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Anyone heart the song mujhko barsat bana do from junooniyat ??
    It’s fav… Superb…
    Every song of armaan malik is heart touching… They take me to another world…
    And i am also an armaanian…
    Anyone heard the song..???

  15. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    Bed time…good night every one.. Hope you all have a sound sleep… Don’t forget to reply me… Have u heard the song..

  16. Ooshi Akbar

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM and a v.v.v.v.v.goooood morning to all members of my very cute family and wish u all a v.v.v.good day may the cloud of God’s blessings remains on u for the whole day AND a special good day to the people who had fast today and ALSO to all studying members of our family as it’s monday

    • Kathy

      |Registered Member

      – وَعَلَيْكُمُ السَّلَامُ — Wa’ Aalikum Assalam … Wish u the same day dear… Have a good day

  17. Mukti.H

    |Registered Member

    sorry everyone may be i cant comment today………
    as i will be very busy today…..
    so evertone pleaseeeeeee forgive me and bye
    see u in evening

    • Ooshi akbar

      Mukti there’s no need to say sorry because we understands u the only needed thing is to tell that y are you going to absent as u told but this sorry is extra(for me) so don’t use it for me ever

  18. Kathy

    |Registered Member

    Good morning naren, ooshi, Ayesha Akka, Shai, rufina, siddhi , shafaq, Mel, mukti, harshan, nagma, Tara, Eva Elsa, kavya, Arpita, sharaya, shammu, shraddha , Nandi, sharadh, chitali, prakriti, Ayesha n all my old b new family members… Very good morning … Have wonderful day ahead…?? keep smiling ..???????

  19. Ooshi Akbar

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM and a very goood morning to all members of my cute family wish u all a very good day AND the cloud of God’s blessings remain on u always may He guide u all to the right path AMEEN

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