Masala cafe!!! Epi-8 (Edkv,vishkanya,iknmp and kkb)

Sorry for late update.. Busy with my studies!!

The episode starts with Malay tells apu to laughs slowly.. She smiles and gives tablets to him and tells him to have this.. Whenever u think about smoking.. He sees her and thnx.. She smiles and tells u my friend.. She forwards the hand.. He keeps his hand back and cleans it.. With kerchief and gives shaken.. She smiles.

Suman comes to office.. Shravan pushes her closer and tells I love u!!???????She gets shocked.. She asks what? He tells yes.. I don’t know what happened to me? Now a days.. I think more about u.. I cannot live without u.. She tells I need time.. He tells her to say good.. Result.. If no.. Then u can’t see my alive!She gets shocked.. She tells him not to speak like that anymore. He asks why? She tells becozzzzz.. He asks becozzz?? What? She leaves.

Ragini comes to house and recalls how pragya.. Standing closer to abhi.. She throws vegetable box.. She waits for pragya to come.. She sits on chair.. Neil comes there and sees her angry and asks what happened? Ragini laughs. She tells nothing.. He leaves. She sits.. With stick.. Pragya comes there smiling.. Ragini stops her.

She tells I thought u r working but going out with cheap boy? Ragini beats her.. Severely.. Pragya shouts in pain.. Apu comes there and stops her and throws it.. She asks what? Ragini slaps her.. Apu leaves inside.. Ragini sits down.. She tells I grown up good only.. But u r cheaply!! On road? Pragya tells sorry to her and tells this won’t happen again?..

Abhi thinks his moments.. With pragya and smiles.. He plays with kids.. On the ground.. He themm
Apu cries.. Malay calls her.. She speaks normal!! He puts blade!! Cracks jokes!! She laughs.. Ragini stands out and prays for her happiness!!

Precap:Neil and ragini walks to temple.. Apu gives tablets.. To Malay.. Neil and ragini sees this.. Pragya aviodes abhi.. But he proposes her.. With a flower??Suman accepts shravan love!!

Soon I am gonna end.. Not satisfied with comments.. So ending soon.. Bye guys.. 10 th epi is last.. So 2epi left??

  1. VarshaVenkat

    Bro….sry for not cmntg in any of ur ff…….I really had no tym to cmnt but I read all d ffs….also Waiting to know whether prags will accept abhis proposal…..if not thn how will abhi face her even wen she rejects him

  2. Kathy

    I think next ragini gonna slap Apu…?? good episode naren… Oh u gonna stop this ff… As always I respect ur decision ….focus on ur studies… Aweee suman accept shravan love… Tnx naren Atlease here we can see shraman together With love.. Waiting for the next episode …

    1. Narendran

      Thnx Kathy!!.. Sure.. I will score more and. More marks.. At least for u r suppirt


    love ur ffs u r really an awesome writer oh sorry forgot to introdce myself hi i m khushi

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