Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Jalandhar marries demoness.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jalandhar facing the demoness and he says who are you? Demoness laughs and then suddenly Jalandhar’s legs are caught inside the ground, he says who are you? Suddenly 2 spider webs come and hold jalandhar’s both hands and pull him in a spider web. Jalandhar says who are you woman? Demoness says you should have thought of that before you followed me. Jalandhar says leave me right now. Demoness comes flying in mid air and she uses her powers, suddenly many spiders come crawling on jalandhar’s body. Jalandhar says you will face my power. Demoness laughs and says you cannot do anything. Jalandhar breaks the webs and comes down speedily. Demoness says he is powerful, she lands down and Jalandhar says woman don’t try to do anything, it wont take me time to kill you mayavani.

Demoness says I will end you myself, I will start it. Demoness removes her weapons and she attacks Jalandhar. Jalandhar says you cannot do anything to me. Jalandhar dodges the attacks and bends down, he then reverses the attack and throws demoness’s weapons down, Jalandhar then holds demoness’s neck and picks her up. Jalandhar says I told you not to mess with me mayavani, Jalandhar throws her down easily and says don’t bother me. Jalandhar is going with demoness gets up angrily and says wait Jalandhar, you cannot escape me so easily.
Demoness uses her hands and holds Jalandhar and comes close to him to attack him. Jalandhar thinks why do I think like I know her since long? Demoness then throws Jalandhar and jaladnhar flies from the blow and falls down on ground. Jalandhar thinks whatever she is, she is weird and mayavi. Jalandhar says you want to control me? Then come try. Jalandhar jumps and jumps as he escapes. Demoness removes 2 weapons and goes behind Jalandhar. Jalandhar says I am greater than everyone, unique, you cannot control me. Jalandhar then sees the demoness’s hand and sees the bangle, he thinks where did I see the shine of this bangle? I have seen it before. Suddenly demoness jumps on Jalandhar as he falls down and she says see I controlled you, now it is time to end this game. Demoness is going when Jalandhar sees the bangle properly and says yes it belongs to that woman who saved me outside the water, it is hers. Jalandhar stops the demoness and sees her hand and says how did you get this bangle? Tell me. Did you kill that good woman? Jalandhar twists her hand and then makes her turn front, he sees her and says where is she? The demoness turns into the woman she was before and says see, I am only that woman. Jalandhar says but what happened to you? How did you take this form suddenly? Jalandhar thinks this woman has unique beauty. The woman says I did this for you, only for you Jalandhar. Jalandhar says for me? But why? Woman says since I was a child, I always stayed busy in lord vishnu’s bhakti but one day I saw you and since then I left narayana’s bhakti and became your bhakt. Jalandhar then says it is right and he smiles, you should do my bhakti as I am greater than everyone else. Woman then says but you? You did not have time for me, I wanted to see you once but you saw me and ignored me, maybe I was not in your mind so you did not see me but if I wanted you, I became like you by sacrificing narayan’s bhakti for you. Woman says Jalandhar I don’t want Narayana, I just want you, I have a wish by lord Vishnu, until I am alive Jalandhar, my husband will never die and you be my husband and you are powerful to protect me, marry me, just think you and me will rule this entire world. Jalandhar says that is right, we will marry and everything shall start from Jalandhar and end at Jalandhar in this universe. Both Jalandhar and the woman put garlands in each other’s neck and marry each other. Rishi Agastya there opens his eyes and says no, it cannot happen. Ganesh says what happened? Rishi says ganesh ji, till now only Jalandhar was a challenged but now with him another evil power has joined. Demoness thinks the one whom I wanted, I finally got him. Jalandhar thinks no one can kill her husband now.
Rishi Agastya says how should I help you ganesh ji? Ganesh says you intimated me about the situation and that is only a lot for me, I shall go to Kailash and tell father. Ganesh goes.
There parvati tells mahadev that swami, Jalandhar is the form of your anger and instead of anything else you kill him mahadev otherwise he will be a threat. Mahadev and Vishnu then come and mahadev says parvati you killed mhaishasura after he had exceeded his limit of his sins, so I cannot kill him until he commits sins, I have to wait. Lord Vishnu says that is right.
There demoness tells Jalandhar that swami lets go to rishi shokracharya, he is the guru of demons and he will show us the right way to rule the world.

Precap: mahadev says I can kill Jalandhar only when he has done too many sins. Jalandhar and demoness go to rishi shokracharya.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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