Laado 27th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi invites Shaurya home

Laado 27th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mama asking Anushka not to worry for taunts, his sister will manage the ladies. Shagun Maa asks the ladies what were they saying. The lady says your Juhi disappeared 14 years ago, what’s the proof that this girl is Juhi. Dadi asks Anushka not to worry, she is with her. Shagun says proof is in our hearts, my Saas’ breath is connected to Juhi, no fraud isn’t so clever to make place in someone’s heart. Shagun says its good you have asked this, none will ask this again. She hugs the lady. Anushka goes. Dadi says Laado got upset hearing this. Amrish Mama says it happens. Dadi taunts him. She thinks to call Bunty and find about Shaurya.

Dadi tries to get her diary. Anushka comes and helps her. Dadi says there is a surprise in it, go now, prepare for puja, don’t feel bad

of anyone’s words. Anushka goes. Dadi checks Bunty’s number. Bunty bumps into someone’s bike and argues with the man for his loss. Dadi calls him and asks him to get Shaurya to the haveli, there is some surprise. Bunty agrees. Dadi says Laado will just have happiness in his life, Mata Rani chose this day to make Laado and Shaurya meet.

Rantej asks Dharam to come, he has found a solution. He shows some girls’ pic. He says these girls look like Anushka, I will kill the one you choose, then prove in court that its Anushka’s dead body, I will get entire property. Dharam gets shocked. Rantej says you would be thinking I m so smart. Dharam calls him foolish. He says I can’t understand you and I can’t make you understand. He leaves. Rantej says Anushka won’t come back now. Dharam greets Malhari. She gives him a bag full of money. She says ask any amount, just get our property.

Dharam says we can’t kill any girl to prove her as Anushka, because if Anushka comes in court, my license will be cancelled, we will lose the case, this money won’t help, give me Anushka’s photo, I will try to find her out. Malhari says we don’t have any pic of her. Dharam says then I have no option, sorry. He goes. Bunty asks Shaurya to open the door, Dadi called him home. He gets in the room and asks where are you. He calls Shaurya and says did he go there, he knows its dangerous for him, his life is in risk, I have to get him back.

Anushka recalls the taunts and sees the knot. Dadi comes and gifts her a dress for Jagran. Anushka says even this dress is good, but I will wear this if you want. Dadi says fine, every color suits you. Dadi says I m giving you a surprise today. Anushka asks her to say. Dadi says it won’t be a surprise, come downstairs. She goes. Anushka thinks what’s the surprise.

Rantej scolds Dharam. Anushka dances on Radhe nachegi….. Rantej goes to Dharam’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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