Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Mata kali kills Ruru.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ruru getting up and says I am still alive, the battle is still continued. Chund and mand say good ruru, mahabali ruru, you can kill this devi easily, fight her. Ruru says this so dumb, you both are fools, even after seeing the powers of this devi you are trying to make me fight against her but I know her powers, she is mata kali, she is the jagat janni and mother of the universe, she is very powerful and strong, you both even after seeing her powers think you can win this battle but you cannot, you are sacrificing me but I am a warrior and even though I know the result of this battle, I will fight because it is my dharma to fight in this war.
There kartikeya says this is so foolish, ruru knows the powers of mother but he still is fighting her. Ganesh says this is the

thinking of a demon, ruru knows but he is still fighting instead of becoming mother’s disciple, he is following a false dharma of warrior.
There ruru removes his swords and mata kali removes her divya swords. Ruru runs towards mata kali, kali runs towards ruru and then she jumps over him and kicks his head and lands behind him. ruru says where did devi go? kali says I am here. ruru turns back and kalia then jumps in the air and lands on ruru, ruru falls down and kali thrusts both her swords into ruru’s chest. Ruru screams in pain, chund and mand are scared as are other demon soldiers. Ruru says forgive me jagat janni, I was forced into this battle, please show mercy, please make me your disciple in my next life. Ruru dies.
Mahishpondurak thinks this futile war was bound to have such results. Chund says brother, this devi is very powerful, she is so strong. mand says yes but she has used some maya and she is after all a woman. Chund says even if it is maya, she killed mahabali ruru. Mand says you are right, she killed ruru even though it is her maya. Mand says I don’t want to die so soon, I am so young now, I cannot fight her. Chund thinks mand is scared as am I, what do we do? Chund then looks at mahishpondurak, mahishpondurak looks away. Chund then says why did you look away? Mahishpondurak, look here! mahishpondurak sees and chund says what happened? Mahishpondurak says I know how evil you both are, now you want me to go and fight mata kali, but I wont do that. chund and mand say it is our order. Mahishpondurak says so what? I don’t follow your orders. Chund says you promised king shumbh that you would fight against the devi. Mahishpondurak says so what happened? Even you both promised king shumbh, then why don’t you go and fight her? Mand says I will kill you then. Mahishpondurak says I am ready to fight you, not only you but both of you, I am more powerful than you both combined, I will kill you and throw you in the universe where you will roam for ages. Mand gets angry and runs and mahishpondurak and mand fight. Chund stops them and says what are you doing? Stop it, don’t fight. Mand says get aside, I will kill this demon. Chund says stop it. mahishpondurak says look at the devi, she seems hungry and she will drink everyone’s blood, I know this and only then she will calm down. Chund says let me say something, listen, I have a plan. Mahishpondurak says you have a plan but I wont be in that. chund says listen to me, we alone wont fight her, we will together fight her and combine our powers. Mand says how will we do that? Mahishpondurak says I am not supporting your fight. Chund says okay then, let me tell you, when you go back shumbh will kill you, you know his stambh power right? You will vomit blood and die mercilessly. Mahishpondurak thinks this fool is right, instead of dying in shumbh’s hands I shall die in the hands of mata jagat janni. Mahishpondurak says okay I will fight but it doesn’t seem like you both are going to fight. Chund and mand says you all go ahead, we are attacking too. Chund and mand say attack soldiers! The demon soldiers run towards mata. Mahishpondurak says forgive me mata, I am forced to fight.
Mahishpondurak runs towards mata.
There kartikeya says chund and mand are so cowards, they have done 2 very big sins, first they being commanders are making their soldiers surround and attack mata, 2nd they are staying behind and sacrificing their soldiers, I will not leave them. Kartikeya goes. Ganesh says nandi and rishi markande, you both stay here with mahadev, I, indra dev and other gods will go and stop brother. Ganesh and gods go. markande says mata is doing her leela, I have to be part of it.
There kartikeya comes and says chund and mand are hiding here, I will kill them, suddenly he sees mata kali. Mata kali removes some strands of her hair and throws it down, a new devi appears on a donkey with a skull in one hand and a weapon in another. Chund and mand say another devi has come, what is happening? Mata kali says you are devi chandmari, I have summoned you to kill mahishpondurak and the demons. Chandmari says okay devi, she runs on her donkey and starts killing all demon soldiers easily.
Ganesh appears with the gods and says brother, you don’t interfere in this war, mata kali has to do this because it is her leela, mata is alone enough for them as she is herself a huge army. She doesn’t need our help.
Chund and mand say this devi chandmari is so easily killing our demons. Chandmari runs as mahishpondurak heads towards her.

Precap: chund and mand attack mayavi chakra’s on mata kali.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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