Piya Albela 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja fools Angraj

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The Episode starts with Angraj is in the car. Pooja is dressed as a bride and writes a letter to Harish and writes about Angraj’s conspiracy. She asks him to save Naren from the tribals and writes that if Angraj tries to touch her then she will burn herself and asks him to think her ashes as her truthfulness proofs. He hears someone opening the door. Angraj is heavily drunk and comes home. He sees Pooja in Surbhi and says today is their Milan night. Surbhi asks if he has gone mad and calls Rahul. Rahul asks him to come into his senses and says she is my wife. Angraj looks at her and says he saw Pooja in her. Rahul checks his hand and says again you took drugs. Surbhi says we will suffer because of you. Angraj asks what happens if I take drugs? Pooja comes and says she don’t want anything to happen to him. Dada ji calls someone. Angraj is going towards him. Pooja holds Angraj’s hand and takes him to room.

Angraj says it seems you can’t wait. Dada ji asks Rahul and Surbhi to help him taking out old pics. Rahul says he has to go to tribe.

Dr. Kiran takes Naren to hospital and asks Doctor to begin the treatment. Doctor asks who is she? She tells that she is his wife. Doctor begins the treatment. Angraj says he was yearning for 1 Pooja and got 3 now. He sees Pooja and falls on her. Dr. Kiran asks Nurse about Naren. Nurse says he is serious. Dr. Kiran says she won’t let anything happen to Naren. Tribals hear her.

Angraj tries to get closer to Pooja. Pooja tells him why is he eager. She tells that the flowers are beautiful and nobody gave her such flowers. Angraj smells it and faints. Pooja says this time I poured powder on the flowers, next time I will give you poison.

Kusum asks Rachel to have food. Rachel tells that Anuj wanted her to become his parents’ daughter. Satish says you are our daughter always and asks her to settle down in life. Rachel tells that she don’t want to leave them. Kusum scolds Satish for trying to separate her with Anuj’s baby. Tribals come and is taking Naren back to tribe, but Kiran stops them and says she will call Police and then her baba will not get a single penny. In the morning, Angraj wakes up on bed and sees Pooja crying. He asks evening was beautiful, why morning is dangerous. Pooja says if this is love then shame on this love. Angraj is shocked. Pooja asks why did he take drugs and tells that he has beaten her and misbehaved with her. She asks him to look at the scars and bruises on her face. Angraj doesn’t want to see her face and runs away. Pooja thinks she will make him hate her. She wipes the fake scars.

Pooja sees Naren coming and is about to fall, when he holds her. She realizes his touch and says Naren. They hug each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. There are new faces in this series some of whom I don’t know but apparently there were issues between Pooja and Naren. Surprisingly this series is still on given two have just concluded.

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