Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Andhkasura prays to devi laxmi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with andhkasura saying he has to pray to mata laxmi, he has a plan to protect everything he has now. Andhkasura goes and starts praying to laxmi, he says the prayer standing on one leg to impress laxmi for a wish.
There laxmi is with lord Vishnu. Laxmi says to Vishnu, swami devi parvati and mahadev are not together now and no one is doing anything about it, you have to do something and bring mahadev and parvati together.
There ganesh is with parvati. Parvati is praying to shiv ling and she says a prayer. Ganesh waits for parvati to finish. Andhkasura is praying to laxmi, his demon army is getting prepared for the battle. Parvati prays to shiv ling and then she suddenly sees andhkasura and the army rising. Parvati opens her eyes and tells ganesh that the demons

are arising, I saw it and this time it will be huge, you have to go and tell your mama shree Vishnu dev. ganesh says mother this is a problem, if demons arise then everyone has to be prepared, ganesh says I will go to vaikunth dham. Ganesh sits on mushak ji and goes. As ganesh is coming to vaikunth, shokracharya sends 2 demons saying ganesh will become vighnakarta now and will create problems for us, you don’t let him get to vaikunth dham. Demons go and they throw down ganesh who is on mushak ji, ganesh falls on a planet. The demons come there. Ganesh says who are you? Demons say he is just a kid, he wont do anything to us. Demons say kid we are here, we wont let you go anywhere. Ganesh says don’t stop me, I have not done anything to you. Ganesh sits on mushak to go but demons pull mushak ji’s tail. Ganesh gets up and mushak ji falls on the demons, he then goes away with mushak ji. Demons fly behind ganesh to catch him, ganesh holds them and crashes the demons into rocks and asteroids and then throws them away.
There laxmi says to Vishnu, swami you have to do something, how much time will devi parvati stay away from mahadev? Lord Vishnu says this is what niyati has decided, I am forced, I cannot do anything. Laxmi says then swami even we all devi have to do the same thing as devi parvati from now. Laxmi says even I will leave vaikunth and not come back until devi parvati goes back to Kailash to mahadev. Vishnu says but devi why? You are not as powerful as devi parvati, you need me. Laxmi says I will prove I can protect myself, I will come back when parvati goes to Kailash. Lord Vishnu says but I and vaikunth will be alone without you. Laxmi closes her eyes and disappears. As soon as laxmi goes, heaven becomes dark as does vaikunth dham. Ganesh arrives at vaikunth and is shocked, he says mami! Mami! Ganesh does pranam to lord Vishnu and says mama shree where is mami? Lord Vishnu is sad.
There andhkasura is praying to laxmi and says mata laxmi please appear now or do you want this disciple of yours to give away his life for you? I am ready to do that! Laxmi waits and then appears and says son andhkasura! I am impressed by your prayers, what do you want? Andhkasura says mata I am glad you are here, I will ask for my wish mata, but promise me you will fulfill it. Laxmi smiles and says yes I will! Andhaksura says then mata, I want you to stay with me in my palace until I tell you to go, I will treat you royally just like my own mother, I will give you everything mata and whatever you ask for will be fulfilled. Laxmi says but andhkasura I cannot leave vaikunth and prabhu Vishnu, I have to stay there. Andhkasura says no mata, you promised please live with me mata, I will give everything you want. Laxmi is in trouble but says okay andhkasura I will but where I shall rest that place shall be clean and no dirt, everything should be good and no adharma should be done, no drinking of madeera and dancing of women, I want everything good, if I feel something wrong, I will leave the very moment. Andhkasura says okay mata.

Precap: all gods fight the demons in a great war. Andhkasura tends to mata laxmi and fulfills what she needs.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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