Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: drunk tiwari and Vibhuti mess Pinku and pramods family get together.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tilu tikka malkhna knock at the door,Vibhu says I see beggars,Saxena opens the door,boys walk to Vibhu and Tiwari and says give us some too,Vibhu says Saxena give boys too,Saxena says let me get glasses,and makes them drink,all cheers and have their drink.

Anita trying to reach Vibhu on call,and says all night he was away and now not receiving call,Pinku says Didi if he doesn’t come my relation with Pramod will break,Anu says I’m tensed please,Pinku gets Pramods call and leaves.anguri rushes in and says Tiwari is missing since night,Anu says even Vibhu,Anguri says are they drinking again,Anu says not possible alcohol is banned,you don’t worry go look after arrangements,angrui leaves,Vibhu walks in drunk,Anu calls Pihu,Pihu comes,Vibhu says my hot sister in law and hugs her,Pinku punches him,Anu says call Pramod till them even he will get Normal,Pinku says they are on their way.

Pramod enters with his father,Vibhu calls parmods father ghungru and insults him,father says he is drunk who is he,Anu says enough Vibhu and says this is royal family and you know,father says I look for culture in family and by the way which royal family,Vibhu says we have big family like around 500 people,father asks what’s the name of your family,Vibhu says no I won’t I’m sorry,Anu says no actually he doesn’t like to show off,and let’s go to my neighbours,they are very cultured and she has arranged snacks,Vibhu says our bhabhiji is very cultured she serves 2 beggars and it’s your turn,father says let’s go,Anu says he won’t come he needs to rest,he didn’t sleep whole night,father asks where to,Vibhu says drinking,Anu says jagrata,he was drinking sherbet there,and he should sleep or will become cranky let’s go and all leave except Vibhu.

Tikka malkhna Tilu at tea stall,Happu slaps Tilu and sees the boys are drunk,Tilu says I am not understanding anything,tikka feeling pukish,Happu says how dare you drink even after alcohol ban,Tilu acts like dog and stares at Happu,Happu gets scared and says I told for your good anyways do as you wish,Happu walks,and boys stalk him like dogs.

Anu with guests arrive at tiwari house and calls angrui,Anu says pinkus would be husband and father in law,Anguri wishpers I request you to take them away,Anita says why that will be an insult to them,angrui says if you don’t the marriage will be broken,tiwari walks in drunk,Anguri says this is why ,anusays tgere Vibhu is drunk,father asks who is their culture less man,and hw can you have relation with such people,tworai says whole Kanpur uses my lingerie and you may be wearing too show me,father says shameless,tiwari says how dare you,angrui my wife,father says he is your husband, Anu says no he is an alcoholic,tiwari starts cyring,angrui shouts hey you alcoholic get out,what do I tell you this man keeps disturbing and troubling us,Pramod says let me help and he and his father pushing Tiwari out,Vibhu jumps in with bamboo stick and hits them,tiwari says thank you for saving me.

Father says do you know him,Vibhu says yes,Anu says yes he is a alcoholic all know,Vibhu go take him out,Vibhu says we were out last night and had fun,Pramod says papa they know each other,Vibhu says yes he is my brother,from another fatty mother,and hits father again,father says Pramod let’s go,Pramod says but pinku,father says first go or else these people,Vibhu hits him again and says pinku baby was I good,pinku hits Vibhu and Tiwari and punches them hard.

Commissioner having samosa,and says I love them one more plate,Happu comes running from behind and hits him,commissioner asks what’s wrong,Happu points at boys and says they hit me like dogs run for help.

Pinku in tears,Anu says don’t and says Vibhu is this how you behave,tiwari says we are shameful,Anguri says you insulted us,Vibhu says is because of Saxena made alcohol,Anu says why did you have alcohol, what would go wrong if you didn’t have it,Vibhu says we accept punishment,Pinku gets call from papa and she gets very happy and says Anu Didi,good my marriage broke,papa found out Pramod is fraud and that cultured family was all an act,thankyou Jiju.

Vibhu says baby look we somehow helped her and now we are sorry,tiwari says yes we are sorry.tiwari says Anguri talk to bhabhiji,Anguri says yes forgive them,Anu says ok, on one Condition you two won’t have alcohol,Vibhu says we won’t,Anguri and Anu leave,Vibhu says so Pinku baby I saved you,Pinku punches him and leaves.

Pre cap : Anu asks tikka how is soup,tikka starts crying and says no one ever shown me so much love,Anu says Vibhu cmon be little loving towards him.
Tiwari to malkhan on dinning table, leave now,malkhan says I think of talking to Amaji before I leave,tiwari says I was joking please take a seat have food.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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