Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya frees indradev and vayudev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh fighting the demons with the help of suryadev, agnidev and varun dev. Rishi markande stays near mahadev to protect the surrounding.
In devlok, kartikya goes on his mayur raj peacock and he reaches swarg lok. Kartikeya comes inside the court and says shumbh, I have come to talk to you. Shumbh gets up and laughs and says what do you want to say now? Kartikeya says shumbh you demons will never change, ganesh taught you all a lesson and showed you what you deserved for cheating but you still didn’t learn from your mistakes, you don’t want to change, you came here and attacked swarg lok! Shumbh says enough! I am the king of swarg lok now and you answer to me, I have won swarg by fighting with these weak gods and their weak king, indra dev!
Kartikeya says

shumbh, I give you one last chance, leave indra dev and vayu dev and go away back to your rasatal lok with you demons, otherwise you will be punished and mata mahashakti will kill you all. Shumbh says I am scared of no one, don’t challenge me! I will kill you all, I am very powerful and no one can defeat me. kartikeya gets angry and uses his powers and breaks the cage, he frees indra dev and vayu dev. Both stand with kartikeya. All demons are shocked and shumbh says how dare you go against me. shumbh says kartikeya you don’t know what I can do, my demons and my armies are very strong, you and the gods wont stand a chance against me.
There ganesh, suryadev, agni dev and varun dev come near markande and mahadev. Ganesh says we have to end these demons now, they cannot come and disturb father’s meditation. Ganesh becomes very huge in size and he uses his trunk and blows air on any demon who comes near them.
There kartikeya smiles and says okay shumbh, if that is what you have decided then fine, you will all die. Shumbh says don’t think about me kartikeya, think about your brother and the other gods, my demon army must be coming now and bringing them back here captive. Suddenly the palace starts to tremor and shumbh says see, this is the sound of my army coming back. Suddenly bodies of demon soldiers starts to fall inside the palace. Shumbh and all demons are shocked. Shumbh thinks how is that possible? Kartikeya says see shumbh, you have been warned, this is the result of your demons doing adharma, the same result will be of you all. The pile of bodies start increasing as more dead demons fall.
There ganesh blows from his trunk all the demons to swarg lok dead in front of shumbh.
Kartikeya says if you still don’t change then we will see you in battle shumbh. Kartikeya goes with indra dev and vayu dev. Shumbh says kartikeya thinks he is too smart, they killed some of my demons and think they can defeat me. never!
There kartikeya gets back to graveyard with indra dev and vayu dev. All gods reunite and ganesh says now the time is ripe, shumbh will soon come here to fight, mata mahashakti has given me the sig, inside the cave mother is there with all the goddesses and her various forms! It is time for the battle between demons and the woman power.

Precap: Ganesh takes vinayaki avatar and the entire army of gods, goddesses fight against the demon army and demons.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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