Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini decides to get a seperate house for herself

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal was mesmerized watching Nandini and assures she is safe and he has a light, the lift will also start to work. He assures he won’t let her any harm. Nandini finally opens her eyes and looks calmer. The lift starts to work and lights also gets on. As the lift door opens, Nandini hurries outside towards the stairs. An old lady asks Nandini not to panic when she has got a loving husband. Nandini clarifies she is just a friend, they aren’t couple.
Mauli was waiting for them in the hospital. Kunal comes out of her office and was disturbed, he wonders why he is getting serious with the matter.
At night, Mauli tells Kunal that Nandini is recovering really soon. Kunal says that’s really great, they must now think about future and begin searching a house for her. After all

she can’t live here for lifetime. Nandini was bringing tea for them but stops hearing their conversation. Kunal thinks he can’t let Nandini interfere in his life with Mauli anymore. Kunal explains to Mauli that he wants best for Nandini, she can’t depend on them for a lifetime. They will completely support and help her, but she must fight to build her confidence up. Mauli insists that Nandini can get it all here as well, it’s not easy to find a house in Mumbai and she can’t even afford the expenses. She can’t as well afford all expenses for her. Kunal insists Nandini isn’t a child, she will deal if she gets the responsibility. Mauli convinces Kunal that Nandini has just started to live for her own self, she might not be ready for all this. Kunal says Mauli is turning Nandini weaker. And even their life is being interfered, they always have to think about her while planning in the evening because they can’t go anywhere without taking her. This isn’t right for any of them. He insists on Mauli to understand, he wishes to spend each moment with him and he misses her these days. Nandini overhears this all and thinks she can’t take any advantage of Mauli and Kunal anymore. She must take a decision soon.
The next morning, Mauli sounded confused to Pramilla while she narrated the list of vegetables. She allows Pramilla to buy anything by herself. Nandini watches her upset then composes herself and comes to speak to her. Mauli also appears normal. Nandini wanted to speak to Mauli. She reminds her about Sharma, their neighbor. Mauli recognizes him as Matu-Chand. Nandini says he had a car. Mauli says she never saw him drive a car. Nandini says he never drove a car though he had a license as well, he always used support of someone or a public transport and never dared drive his own car. Mauli calls him stupid, at least he could have tried driving. Nandini turns away from Mauli and says she feels she is also becoming like Sharma. She feels she must shift from the house and life alone. Mauli asks Nandini if she has heard their conversation last night. Nandini denies but Mauli apologizes Nandini, she understands Nandini is reacting on what Kunal said. Nandini says it was Mauli who wanted her to make a new house, for herself. She must leave Mauli’s support. She can sell her mother’s jewellry and get some initial expenses for herself. Mauli was annoyed that she was reacting on Kunal’s words but Nandini rejects her idea. Kunal passes by the hall. Mauli complains to him about Nandini that she wants to buy a new house by selling her mother’s jewellry. She forbids Nandini think about selling her mother’s jewellry at all and leaves. Nandini asks Kunal for some breakfast but he thanks Nandini and leaves.
In the car Kunal was stressed. He wonders what he has done, Nandini needs support and he rejected her. This will degrade him even in his own looks. Someone knocks at the door of car, it was Nandini to give him his lunchbox. Kunal stops her there and asks Nandini to forget about what he said last night. She doesn’t need go anywhere. Nandini says a whole family live in this beautiful house, she must leave for them and for her own self-respect. She says she found Mauli after years and she even got Kunal as friend this time. She can’t afford to lose their love and care. Kunal apologizes Nandini for whatever he had said. Nandini says she wish to fly, people like her only learn to fly when there is no floor left under their feet. She must now find open skies for herself.
At home, Mauli clarifies to Nandini that she won’t go anywhere. Nandini asks Mauli to take a cup of tea with her. In the balcony, Mauli stood with a bad face. Nandini asks her to come to kitchen with this face, the milk will curd by itself and they will get good cheese. She explains to Mauli that she doesn’t want to go away from her. She wants to fly high. That day when she danced, it felt she was free. She must take responsibility along with her freedom, else this freedom won’t last long. She requests Mauli to let her go, Mauli would watch her fly as well. Nandini says she would continue coming here. Mauli was worried about the money, she couldn’t understand selling the jewellry. Nandini says she can’t let her and Mauli’s connection break again. They hug each other in tears. Kunal returns home.

PRECAP: Mauli agrees to Nandini and was convinced. They come to open Nandini’s locker while was a joint one with Rajdeep. The key doesn’t work. Rajdeep comes from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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