Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Devodas welcomes ganesh and kartikeya.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya being welcomed by devi sarla and raja devodas. Devodas thinks, these young brahmins look so divya, I must be very lucky to have them in my palace and kingdom. Raja devodas gets up and welcomes ganesh and kartikeya and says brahmins, you both look very divya and I am grateful to welcome you both, what are your names? Kartikeya says I am kashkeya and he is my brother gunesh.
Devi sarla says swami, these 2 brahmins are so learned that they both know everything about us even those things which we have said to no one! Raja devodas says brahmandev, I want to know about my future. Gunesh says raja devodas, I can tell you and mata sarla everything that my teachings tells me about you, but you both have to know that whatever it is, you have to accept

it, I wont lie about anything! Raja devodas says brahman dev, I am ready to know anything about me, just tell me. Gunesh says okay raja devodas, gunesh closes his eyes.
Gunesh then opens his eyes and says raja devodas, I can see that you are only giving to live the next 10 days, after that you will die. Devi sarla is shocked and she has tears.
Indra dev says what is ganesh ji saying? Lord Vishnu says whatever ganesh says are the words of maha ganpati himself, so ganesh will never lie, if he has said that raja devodas will die in the next 10 days then it will happen for sure. Indra dev says devi of ved has to be saved soon otherwise all ved and scripts will be destroyed and we gods will die too.
There devi sarla cries and says how could you say such a thing brahman dev? Don’t you have feelings and heart for anyone? I thought you were a good brahman and very learned but you are saying things about killing my husband. Kashkeya says gunesh had told you before that whatever he shall tell you, you have to be ready for it, my brother has never lied till now. sarla says what if my husband stays alive even after 10 days? Will you then be happy? Gunesh says mata, I did not mean to hurt anyone but I have never lied.
Raja devodas says brahman dev, I am impressed by what you have predicted about my future, so I would love to have you both live in kashi for some days gunesh and kashkeya ji!
Gunesh and keshkeya then say no maharaj devodas, that is not possible. Devodas says why brahman dev? Gunesh says because maharaj, I and my brother celebrate the 9 days of Navratri with all rituals of the 9 forms of mata adishakti. Devodas says then I shall take that responsibility brahmandev, I will provide you everything that you want for 9 days or are you worried that if you stay here for 9 days and even after my 10 days are over and I wont die? Gunesh says no maharaj, I am not worried but for me and my brother kashkeya, where we celebrate Navratri, there everyone with us celebrates Navratri and does the fast! So if we stay here, you and mata sarla have to do the fast and do navratri as well but we cannot force you. raja devodas says then gunesh ji, I and my wife devi sarla we will do Navratri with you both as well. Devi sarla says yes brahmans, I want you both to live here so that, I can prove to both of you that my husband raja devodas isn’t dying!
Gunesh says then okay, I and my brother will live here and do the fast of 9 days of Navratri and also I will recite to you both the story of the 9 forms of mata adishakti!

Precap: Gunesh tells devodas and sarla the story of prajapati daksh and mahadev and the first form of mata adishakti, mata shailputri!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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