Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa makes mhaishasura’s idol.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sanjhi talking to vishnu’s statue and says shyam I thought we both are one and shall always be together but today you made me look a liar in front of everyone, I am leaving you forever and removing you from my life and heart. Sanjhi throws the idol down the valley. As the statue falls in the water, shyam becomes huge in size and stands tall, he says sanjhi if you sacrifice me then my existence will be gone. Sanjhi says but shyam, when I called you, you did not come and I was proved a liar. Shyam says that is the problem, we both are one and if I am inside you then why did you need to call me? Sanjhi says but how to show the world? Sanjhi says with the world, you have started to think like them, if you go behind the world then you cannot make them believe in everything!

not everything can be seen just by the eyes.
Sanjhi says forgive me friend, I was wrong. Shyam says sanjhi, from today we both have truly become one! Your Pooja will be done on this day as Navratri. Shyam says sanjhi, you wont have to call me from now as we shall be one.
Sanjhi then takes shyam to her palace and everyone see shyam. Sanjhi’s parents see shyam and sanjhi coming together and they see lord Vishnu and mata laxmi inside them.
Kirti tells radha, this way shyam and sanjhi became forever together like, mahadev and parvati, lord Vishnu and laxmi!
There sanjhi tells her father, see I told you he is my friend shyam and he does exist! We both are one since we were born and no one can separate us. The father king says sanjhi, forgive your father, I thought you were wrong! I am grateful mata that you came in this world as my daughter. Sanjhi smiles.
There kirti says so radha, this was the story of shyam and sanjhi and this is why we pray to mata sanjhi and do her Pooja in Navratri. Radha says we will take the doli of Navratri to vrindavan to invite all the people to barsana for the Navratri. Kirti says yes go radha, tell everyone to get ready and bring your friends together.
Everyone get ready and they take mata’s statue with them. All people pray and brij bhanu and kirti take the doli with them as radha dances with her friends as the doli goes to vrindavan.
There rishi gargacharya is in vrindavan, he requests yashoda and kunti to send kanha and Arjun with them. Yashoda says but guru, kanha and Arjun have to come to barsana as well for Navratri. Gargacharya says I will bring both kids to barsana with me, now they shall come with me. Kunti bless Arjun and yashoda blesses kanha, kanha and Arjun go with rishi gargacharya.
There kansa is making the idol of mhaishasura to bring him back to life. Bhadraksh says bhagwan, I have made the entire head of mhaishasura. Kansa says you cannot do one thing properly bhadraksh. Bhadraksh says bhagwan, you cannot go out of Mathura because of that boundary then what is the use of giving life to mhaishasura? Kansa says you fool, my soul can go out, not my body! I will transfer my soul into mhaishsura’s statue and then I will go out of Mathura and kill that kanha. Kansa takes the head and places on the body, he sees his face on the head and says bhadraksh do you think I am the ansh of mhaishasura? Bhadraksh says I don’t know bhagwan, I see your face everywhere. Kansa says then why did you make me on this head? Anyway, it is good it is my face, everyone will know kansa is not a coward to stay inside Mathura, as mhaishasura I will kill kanha.
Kansa closes his eyes and he disappears, the statue disappears as well and bhadraksh gets scared and says where is my bhagwan? Where are you bhagwan kansa? Please don’t leave me.
Suddenly a bull appears and bhardaksh gets scared and jumps. The bull turns into mhaishasura’s form and kansa is inside him, he says it is me foolish bhadraksh, now I will go to vrindavan.
Mhaishasura sits in his chariot and bhadraksh goes behind him. they reach vrindavan and mhaishasura says kanha, you will soon die.

Precap: Mhaishasura arises with demons dhumralochan, chund and mand, shumbh-nishumbh and raktbeej. Kanha and Arjun go to find rishi gandhiv.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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