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The Episode starts with Veera greeting Rajveer. Ranvi says everyone believes he will decide the best for Veera. He tells Veera that he wanted the man who is equal to her in all aspects and Biji felt there is no one like she deserves, but he got someone. Ranvi tells his decision to everyone about choosing Rajveer for Veera. Veera is shocked. Baldev hears this standing far and is shocked. Rajveer says he likes Veera since long time. He says he will always keep her happy and support her in all tough times. Veera says he is a good person and the girl who marries him will be very lucky. Rajveer holds Veera’s hands. Mahiya…………plays…………… Baldev gets sad and leaves. Rajveer asks is this her yes. Veera says it’s a big decision and she needs some time to think. Chai ji says yes, we are not

asking you to hurry up in answering. Ratan says yes, take as much time as you want. Ranvi says he knows he has shocked them by this marriage decision, but Veera can take her time. Rajveer says yes, I will wait for her answer and will pray that her decision is yes.

Bansuri asks Simran not to feel sad, as she will make Baldev stay here after marriage. Simran says thanks, I can’t stay without parents, so I felt bad when Baldev said he wants to leave alone. Amrit smiles as Bansuri praises Simran. She asks Simran and Amrit to rest and leaves. Simran says she is fed up of talking, and they drink wine to celebrate. Baldev thinks about Veera and Rajveer and gets into a fight with some man. Nihaal comes and asks what is he doing. Baldev says leave me. Nihaal stops him. Baldev says you don’t know anything. Nihaal says fine, what you are doing is wrong, I know you since childhood, you do wrong things in anger that people misunderstand you. Baldev says it means that’s also my mistake. Nihaal says he is explaining him, that he should not get into a problem.

Baldev gets angry and asks him to help him in beating Rajveer. He says you are also from Ranvi’s side and does not worry for me. He says don’t try to stop me, as you are not my relative. He says he will not respect anyone now and leaves. Amrit tells Simran about everything set by her. She asks who is doing all this problems in the marriage, someone is behind this. Simran says you know her. Amrit asks Veera? Simran says Veera maybe worried as her ideas are not working. Amrit says she will keep an eye on her and asks her not to do any mistake. She asks did she meet Raj. Simran says no, why will i? Amrit says Raj earns Rs 20000 and if you become Bansuri’s bahu, you will get Rs 20000 to spend daily.

Veera talks to Jaggi about Baldev. Ranvi comes and apologizes to her. He says I should have asked you once. She says its fine. He says you are right, its big decision, as you have to spend life with Rajveer. He justifies his decision to choose Rajveer. He says he likes you a lot, and will keep you happy. He says even if our dad was here, he would have seen these qualities. Rajveer drinks wine and says foolish Ranvi gave time to Veera to think, but I know he will convince her as I m the best for her in his sight. Ranvi says Rajveer is best for her in his sight. He says the man you loved, he is marrying someone else, I know you might have seen many dreams with Baldev, but its true that he is marrying someone, you can’t be alone and have to choose someone for you. She says she won’t let Baldev marry anyone. He asks what did she say. She says nothing.

Ranvi says you are my doll, my little princess, nothing is imp to me than your happiness, think well, if you feel you don’t want to marry Rajveer, I promise I will not force you. She smiles and hugs him. He blesses her and leaves. Veera says I don’t know will Baldev forgive me and marry me, but I know I love him and can’t let him marry some wrong girl, I can’t let Baldev and Simran marry. She calls Jaggi and says we have to do something to find Simran’s boyfriend, we have very less time.

Rajveer calls Gunjan and says he is very restless to know Veera’s answer. He says he has helped a little thing and she could not do it. She says she spoke to Ranvi and made him tell elders, I can’t convince Veera to say yes. She says you think what is Veera going through, she did not forget Baldev till now, even when Baldev is getting married, Veera can’t take decision so soon, as they loved each other a lot, give some time to Veera, and you know Ranvi is happy with this relation. Rajveer says yes, I know you did how much you could, but I m helpless by my heart.

Rajveer says you know I love Veera a lot, please promise you will keep trying for my sake, will you talk to Veera. Gunjan says yes, I will talk to her. She says you are a good person, and good happens with good people always. She ends the call. Rajveer smiles. Its morning, Veera tells Jaggi she will reach in some time. Gunjan stops her and asks where is she going. Veera says for some work, you all go for mehndi rituals, I will join later. Gunjan says Baldev agreed to marry Simran and I felt he said yes in anger, but he said he has forgotten you and told you too, then she accepted he will marry Simran, the marriage is tomorrow.

She asks Veera to think about Rajveer, if he was bad, would she ask her to think. Ranvi looks on. Veera says yes, I told Ranvi that I will think. She smiles and leaves. Gunjan tells Ranvi that she got a new kurta for him. He says we promised we will regard each other family’s as ours, I don’t know I kept it or not, but you kept it, I have seen you really worry for Veera, you made my happiness as well as my worry yours. She hugs him.

Baldev asks Veera is she ready to get punished. He asks her to tell Ranvi that she wants to marry him, this is the only way to stop his marriage, else get ready to dance in his baraat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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