Tum Saath Ho Jab 29th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saba talks to Naeema on phone that abbu has gone to meet Shabbir. Waqar and Fizza come and ask her, which boy she was talking about. Saba tells them to mind her own business. Nasima and Younis come there, Fizza is about to complain but Nasima stops her and asks Younis what Shabbir’s mother said. Younis tells her she was just quiet. He tells Nasima that Ibrahim’s son is a gem, no one can recognize the copy he made. Saba guess that he got a fake certificate. Fizza and Waqar qualify that their abbu is a religious and pious man. Younis sends the kids out. Nasima tells him that Najma and Mariam aren’t home, even today.
Imran talks to Altaf, about selling the bike for Zeba. Mariam and Najma come there. Imran scolds Najma for being late, Najma says he doesn’t know how difficult it is to come out of the house, when Younis is home. Najma goes inside, Mariam stops Imran and gives him money. He gets annoyed. Mariam says she is giving him the money for the shoes, he bought for Najma. She asks him to let her live peacefully as well, she can’t return what he is doing for her. But she is rightful to fulfill the basic requirements of her child. Imran was reluctant, but she asks him to keep them. Najma gives the money into his hand.
Younis and abba ji talks about getting the paint of mosque done. Nasima and Rehmat come and argue about what to cook. Younis asks Rehmat to go to Mariam for suggestion. Nasima says Mariam isn’t home. Younis asks Abba ji to talk to Mariam, where she go daily. Nasima suspects that she could even go to Shrivastav ji to sell her designs directly to him. Abba ji scolds Nasima for saying so, Mariam come from behind and says thankyou to Nasima for trusting this much on her.
Abba ji asks Mariam where she go daily. Najma tells them she told about her project, which she has to do with her friend. They go there daily. Nasima leaves inside.
Imran thinks about Mariam, and money. Altaf comes there, and says he also disliked taking the money from Mariam but where could they get the money for Zeba.
Najma says to Mariam, that she is making her sinful daily as she has to lie to everyone. Mariam says she dislikes lying to her grand father only. Najma says he tells her lying for some good isn’t a bad habit. Mariam comes to the window, and hears Altaf and Imran talking how she thought about returning the money. Imran says she helped them, as she read their face. He says right now, he will get the salary as he is just suspended; but if get rusticated he won’t get another job. Then, there will be a new city, and they will again be wandering here and there. Mariam thinks she must get his job and respect back.
Najma and Fizza do the recording, that Najma is a tennis player. Fizza asks her to delete the video. Mariam thinks what she can do about Imran’s job. Saba comes there, they make her video as well. Najma then comes to make Mariam’s video. The auto of children come, Mariam looks at the phone and thinks about something.
Ayaan waits for Saba, he stops her when she comes to the college. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him. He asks her to forgive him. Her friends come to ask if he is still teasing. Saba come back to her, deletes her photo from his phone and says this is her request as well as warning, that he must not come to her now.
Nasima looks for her phone and has an argument with Rehmat bibi.
Najma shows Mariam that this is the peon. Mariam says she will have to prove Imran’s innocence and tells Mariam about a plan.

PRECAP: Nasima is worried at home, and blames on Rehmat for stealing the phone. Mariam tries to make a video, and prove Imran innocent.

Update Credit to: Sona

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