Veera 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Veera 26th August 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Veera and Ranvi in the gurdwara and Veera keep on going back to ask something from her Rab ji. First she asks Rab ji to never let anyone like Nana and Nani ji come in and ask to take her along. Then She asks Rab ji to give punishment to the person who gave her the worst gift on her birthday.

Back at home, Ratan tells Chai ji they got a big order and she shows her the money. Ratan, Chai ji and Nihaal are very happy and they rejoice. Nihaal reminds Ratan of some money they would need for fixing up a few things, and Chai ji sees how responsible Nihaal is. Ratan says she is going to get some wood but Nihaal takes the axe from her and tells her he should be going. Chai ji watches amused at how Nihaal and Ratan keep snatching the axe from each other. Nihaal says that from now

on since he is here, he will be getting the wood and he leaves. Chai ji looks on happily.

Veera goes to school to see some other girl sitting in her place in class. She asks her to move but the girl says she was supposed to go away with her Nana and Nani ji so now on the seat is hers. Veera and the girl have a verbal fight which leads to a physical pushing fight, but just before anything goes out of hand, the teacher comes in class.

The teacher asks her happily that howcome she is still in the village? She tells the teacher that her Nana and Nani ji didnt take her along and now she would stay here. Everyone’s happy. Teacher asks her why she is wearing her home clothes and Veera tells her it was her birthday yesterday thats why. She also tells she has some sweets for everyone and so Veera happily distributes the sweets to the class. The teacher asks the class what present they should give to Veera. After some selfish but extremely innocent suggestions from children, the teachers asks Veera directly.

Veera asks the teacher to take them for a picnic where she could bring along her Veer ji. Teacher agrees and asks everyone to bring their siblings. She tells them she’l take them all to a very beautiful place with butterflies and lush greenery.

Ranvi distributes sweets to his friends seperately and all rejoice for the fact that Veera isn’t going anywhere. As usual Baldev mocks them and says to Ranvi that he is so happy that Veera left that he is distributing sweets? Ranvi breaks the news to Baldev. Baldev gets all moody and pushes off the sweets offered to him by Ranvi. Ranvi couldn’t really care less.

At home Ratan shows Chai ji how she brought presents for everyone. She first shows Chai ji a pack of ribbons she brought for Veera. Then she shows a new dress she brought for Veera, Chai ji admires them. Then she takes out a pair of jeans for Ranvi and then a dress for Chai ji which Chai ji jokes aout that she doesn’t like it. But she loves it. Lastly, Ratan shows her the kurta she bought for Nihaal, this gets Chai ji thinking and admiring the situation.

When Ratan leaves, Chai ji stands up and goes to Sampooran’s picture and talks to it. She says whether he likes it or not, she woul say something today. She has been living her life alone ever since he went away and handling everything but Chai ji says she deserves a normal life, a normal family so she has decided to get Ratan and Nihaal married off. She says she would never make a wrong decission.

On the way back home, Veera asks Ranvi whether she can take her toys to the picnic, Ranvi tells her there wont be any need as the nature would have its own toys they could play with. Veera agrees but insists on getting her doll married there, Ranvi tells her she has already gotten her married off a lot of times. Ranvi and Veera decide they will take a lunchbox with money to treat everyone with Golas.

Chai ji goes to Nihaal’s house, who is making tea. Chai ji refuses when Nihaal offers her some. She tells him that she wants to talk to him about something she couldn’t have in front of Ratan, in her house. She says she wants Nihaal to marry Ratan. This tenses up Nihaal who says this is impossible and that he couldn’t think of something like that. Chai ji insists that she knows properly that he loves her very much, then why not marriag? Nihaal says how could Ratan ever agree to marry the man who killed her husband? He says this is impossible and that he couldn’t do this. Ratan would never agree. Chai ji tells him that Ratan would never make the first step, but she needs a normal life now. Nihaal is shocked at the proposal. He once again repeats she wouldnt marry him once she knows he killed Sampooran. The episode ended on Nihaal’s shocked face to the reaction of Chai ji saying she doesn’t need to know that.

Precap: Ratan asking Chai ji whats wrong? Chai ji tells her that she needs to talk to her. Ratan asks her to go on and Chai ji breaks it to her telling her she wants her to re-marry. A very shocked or rather horrified Ratan is shown

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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