Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 26th August 2013 Written Update

Mahadev and Parvati devi play Ludo, which was a surprise sport that was organized by Parvati devi, Nandi n ganas..they start playing with ganas arguing over how Parvati devi always win. But at the end Mahadev wins and everyone is happy..Paravti devi on the other hand tells that this may not be the case the next time. As Parvati devi says “The future is the result of a present event! ”
Mahadev phrases the same but in Hanuman-Surya dev’s context.

Then Hanuman tries to reach sun God again.. but Surya devi is too sacred to even look at him.

Meanwhile Indr dev is super scared of Hanuman as he is gonna reach SUry dev again…Naradji instigates him and worries him saying that this time he is not gonna do as he did the last time..or is it even worse than an eclipse…!

Then Indr tells that Hanuman has so many boon with him, but his powers are not active as of now.. Nardji tells that may be this time he got some way out of the curse..thus he is heading towards Sury dev. And if that happens and he gets back his powers, he being in his youth would take the hell out of things citing to his childhood mischief!

Sury dev back her tries to escape from Hanuman…but Hanuman never budges…Surydev doesn’t even listen to Pavan putr’s say and cries for yelp to Indr dev.

Indr is troubled knowing this…Nardji calls ‘Dev raj’ but Indr is too busy in getting scared…then Indr comes out of his thoughts and hears Naradji if he is the only dev raj present..

Indr talks to himself that if he goes there he’d be defeated, then a funny Narad tells that he needs to come out of his thoughts as he (Naradji) could hear the noise of his thoughts out there!

Now When asked by Naradji on if he is gonna go and help Sury dev, Indr dev tells that since Mahadev has said that in this yug everyone needs to help themselves out he leaves Sury dev to his fate.

Then Hanuman somehow manages to stop his way…and talk… Hanuman tells putting his innocent face on as says that he wants to gain knowledge from Surydev.

Hearing this Surya dev wants to get read of Hanuman… Sury dev says he is too hot and Hanuman can’t bear his heat, then Hanuman replies that he did come ones to eat him that might not scare him, vene if its scotching he’ll bear.

Then Sury dev gives an excuse that he has to balance he nature and life on earth, thus he always has to move and he can’ impart knowledge like that and besides there no place where they can sit. Hanuman tells he can come to his chariot, seeing this as an excuse sury dev tells that its an insult to the knowledge n guru if they do that.

Then Hanuman says he can run along with him to get the knowledge, Sury dev strikes this idea off too.

Then Sury dev puts an impossible condition forth and if Hanuman gets successful in doing it he’ll become Hanuman’s guru, he promises.
The condition which Sury dev puts is that Hanuman needs to stand at a plce without moving but he needs to be with Sury dev when he is moving around..

Hearing this Indr feels that no one can do such a task even with those many boons in hand. Then Nardji tells that is Shivansh and he is very well capable of doing things.

Then Hanuman prays and surrenders to Shiva, as he was the one who suggested Hanuman to go to the refuge and get enlightened by Surydev.
Mahadev blesses him, and asks him to use his mind power n intelligence which will help him in the future too to tackle challenges.

With that blessings Hanuman grows in an enormous form he can see the universe from there…Seeing this Indr is terrified. Naradji enlightens him saying that Mahadev only showed Hanuman a way to get back his powers, but Hanuman himself made things work.

Sury dev too is baffled. Hanuman asks if they can start now

Parvati devi closes Shiav’s eyes, Mahadev tells that she needs to take off her hands instantly cause it has its own repercussions…Then Andhak born.

Update Credit to: sankalp

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