Veera 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 19th March 2014 Written Update

Gunjan says, you have completed your feeling, i know you are happy now. Ok complete your dream. Ranveer says, i have never seen you by bad vision. I thinks marriage is like relation between soul then how could i relate with you. Veera heard all this. Dont move ahead so much whenever you turned around nobody will seen you. Ranveer goes outside from pind and veera follows him. Ranveer thinks about gunjan wording and feels bad.
Ranveer tells to veera that gunjan thinks that i married with her only to take profit of her. I want to live alone for sometime please leave me alone. Veera says to gunjan, how dare you to talk like this with my veerji. This is my bad luck of my veerji and he never taken profit you. If veerji will not be with you then you and your family will not see face in pind. Gunjan says, what is in your veerji. He cannot earn money. Veera says, you cannot see the heart of my veerji.GUnjan says, how will you show the proof to everyone. Veera says, nobody will want proof from me, if i will tell the truth to biji then she wont ask me another question. Veera says, you go oustide from my house . I will not tell anything to anyone. veera took gunjan outside from house.
Dalveer come and says, chaiji was asking about you, go your home. Veera bring gunjan at balwant tayaji home and says, now go inside house and leave us. Gunjan says, what will i say to them. Veera says, say everyone that we are bad and we cannot make you happy. Baldev struck with veera. Baldev says, what do you think am i love you. Baldev put color on veera, then veera again put color on baldev. Veera cries and baldev says, why are you crying like a woman. Veera beat baldev and unfortunately her leg turned away and she feel down. Baldev says, what happens?
Gunjan reaches at home and gives wishes of holi to balwant tayaji and says, please forgive me. Balwant tayaji hug her and says, i missed you alot and this is the first holi that you are not at this home. Gunjan says, now you are happy. Balwant ji says, ya, i am very happy that you are living happily with ranveer. Balwant tayaji ask about ranveer.

Precap:- Balwant tayaji says, if you will not live in a proper way with ranveer then we will not be with you.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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  1. Love u both veera and baldev.gunjan shame on u.relation b/w veera and her veerji brother nd sister.i hate gunjan.baldev u r superb.

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