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The Episode starts with Baldev having a talk with his friends. Veera asks them to enjoy and leaves. Dilawar comes and asks them to have wine. He says he will arrange the bottles and asks them to come. He calls his man and asks did he keep the harvest and also the item. The man says yes. Dilawar says great. He smiles and signs Manjeet. Ratan looks at them and gets worried. Ranvi looks for Gunjan. She comes to him and says she was seeing for some time to be away from him, she can’t be without him. She hugs him and they smile.

He says everyone is seeing. She says so what, I m your wife. Geet sees them and smiles. Bansuri sees Geet staring at them and asks is she fine. Geet says fine, but why are you asking this. Bansuri says she has gone with Ranvi and also slipped on Ranvi. Geet defends herself and

says there is nothing like that, Manjeet has pushed me. Bansuri scolds her and says Ranvi is my son in law, if you get any feeling for him, I will not leave you. Geet gets sad and leaves. Veera asks Bansuri about Baldev. Bansuri says he may have gone for work.

Dilawar and Baldev drink along with others. Dilawar makes Baldev drink a lot and he himself drinks juice. Dilawar thinks Baldev will not be seeing anything else after one more drink. Dilawar falls to show he is totally drunk. His men take him along. Baldev sees Dilawar sleeping and he too falls down. The man tells Dilawar that he has added sleeping tablet in the last bottle. Dilawar says they should not wake up and leaves.

Gunjan sees a couple and smiles. She recalls Ranvi and their love moments. She thinks Ratan will also help me now. Ranvi brings chocolate for her. She says sorry. He asks why. She says for doubting on him. He promises her he will give her so much love that there will be no doubt between them. He makes her have icecream and flirts with her.

Manjeet comes to Dilawar and asks why did he call her here. He says Ratan was there. He pind people will not be able to sell the harvest, his man has kept the harvest there and also the bomb. She says what. He says yes. Ratan looks on and is shocked. He says its their benefit, he will go to farmers and lend them money to manage their home, they will mortgage the land and become my slaves again. She asks his benefit. He says his slaves will work for him. She blesses him. Manjeet says its great plan and no one will doubt. Manjeet says Baldev will not leave you. Dilawar says no, he will not doubt on me and tell everyone that I was drunk with him. She says the pind will be ruined and Ratan will not be able to do anything. Ratan confronts them and they get shocked. Ratan asks them not to be in this imagination.

Veera comesto know from Jaggi and Billa that Dilawar has done wine arrangements and Baldev is drunk. She says where is he, I will talk to him. She goes there and Baldev catches her. Mahiya……………..plays……………. She asks him what is he doing. He romances with her. She leaves.

Ratan scolds Manjeet and Dilawar. They ask who will stop them. Ratan says I will stop. Dilawar catches her in the rope and Ratan asks him to leave her.

Ratan gets hurt and says she will not let anything happen to her pind, her family and cries. Dilawar says he will not let her be alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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