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The Episode starts with Gunjan waiting for Ranvi. Ranvi calls her and teases her. She asks where is he. He says he is in her heart. He looks at her and asks her not to play with her hair strands. She asks where is he, and looks for him. He says he has planned something for her in the Jalsa and asks her to meet there. She closes the windows and says now I know how did you see me, now we will meet in the Jalsa, you will be stunned seeing me there. He says lets bet whose surprise will be better.

The Jalsa starts in the pind and everyone dance. The pind looks very happy. Ratan and Balwant’s families come there and greet everyone. They like Baldev’s arrangements and smile. Ranvi greets the elders and hugs Baldev smiling. Balwant asks them to promise to be always together. Ranvi and Baldev nod. Ratan

says today will be memorable for the pind, Balwant and I did not do this work being sarpanch and Baldev has done this.

Balwant says he is proud of Baldev today, he can’t impress. Baldev says he wanted to hear this from him since years. Balwant says father does not praise son on face, but scold him for foolishness. He says Ranvi and Baldev are stupid, what are they doing here with elders, they should dance with their wives. Ranvi asks about Gunjan. Baldev says she is not with us, where is Veera, I think she will come with you. Balwant says they are hidden somewhere to tease you, go and find her. They laugh.

Balwant asks Geet to show Deepu the fair. Dilawar greets Baldev and hugs him. He greets Ranvi and Ranvi says he did great thing for pind. Dilawar says he got happiness doing this. Manjeet looks on and signs him. Baldev looks for Veera and sees someone similar. He turns the lady and she asks what happened Sarpanch ji. He says sorry, I was finding Veera. He says where are you Veera, come infront of me soon.

Manjeet goes to meet Dilawar and stops seeing Ratan. She thinks Rata can hear us, she is behind Dilawar and he does not know. Manjeet makes Dilawar realize that Ratan is behind her, and says he has helped the pind, she wants to thank him. He is shocked and Ratan says yes, we are thankful. He acts sweet and smiles. Ranvi and Baldev ask did they get her. Baldev says I would have get Veera along, I was foolish to build excitement. Ranvi says yes, even I was trying to meet her in Jalsa.

Gunjan and Veera come there hiding faces and asks did they lose anything valuable. They smile understanding they are Gunjan and Veera, and say nothing. Ranvi asks who are they. Gunjan says she have come from Ambala. Veera asks whom are they finding. Baldev says we were finding my wives, its good you came. Veera says I m not interested in second hand. Gunjan says I can see many handsome men here. Everyone smile. Ranvi says finem show your face and lets see our loss.

Gunjan says you will lose senses seeing our beauty. Veera says its not everyone’s level to match the sun. Balwant asks Ratan why are Ranvi and Baldev arguing with the girls. Ratan says they are Gunjan and Veera. He says what and laughs. Ranvi asks what he has to prove. They put the cloth and ask them to make them lose. Ranvi and Baldev smile and say they are ready. They play the game to get the cloth from the ground first. Balwant says see Gunjan and Veera will teach them good lesson. Baldev wins the game and Veera shows her face. He gets mesmerized seeing her. A lady says the guys won, but the girls have made them lose senses. Ranvi holds Gunjan’s hand and takes her. Bansuri smiles and looks at Geet. Ranvi and Gunjan have some romantic moments and the annoyance ends between them. She says she will never fight with him. He kisses her and hugs. Baldev stares Veera and she says what is he seeing, he did cheating. Mahiya…………..plays…………. He flirts with her and says he wants to keep seeing her face. He gets close and she runs. He catches her and hugs. He compliments her and kisses her.

She runs and Ratan asks why is she running. Veera steps on Baldev’s shoes and says its so good Jalsa. She talks to Geet and Geet says she also likes the Jalsa. Balwant asks them what is this dullness in Jalsa, the dhol is playing and no one is dancing, its freedom day as farmers got rid of the loans, they should celebrate. They all dance together and celebrate their freedom. Veera and Baldev, Gunjan and Ranvi dance and the elders smile seeing them. Dilawar looks on angrily and signs Manjeet to come. Manjeet tells Geet to go and dance, and Geet refuse. Manjeet insists and thinks Geet is spoiling my plans.

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