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The Episode starts with Dilawar coming infront of Baldev and Veera. He gets shot on his hand and faints. Baldev and Veera take him to do the aid. Ranvi, Deepu and Geet come to the hotel and Geet worries of Manjeet’s reaction of being away from home at night. Ranvi asks her not to worry, he will tell everything to Manjeet. He asks for two rooms and the receptionist says its just one room available. Geet gets more tensed and says they can’t stay in one room. Ranvi says he has taken room for her and Deepu, he will stay in lobby, he has to talk to Gunjan and will talk. Geet worries what will Manjeet think about this.

Baldev takes care of Dilawar at his home. Gunjan comes and hugs Baldev and asks about Veera. He says she is resting. Gunjan thanks Dilawar for saving Baldev’s life. Baldev says he does

not have any family, so I got him here. Bansuri cries and thanks Dilawar. Dilawar says this was my duty. Baldev says we are thankful, I was wrong to understand you, but who has attacked us. Dilawar acts sweet and praises Baldev.

Ratan comes and asks about Veera. She says everyone is thanking Dilawar, even I should thank, but tell me how did you reach there on time. Manjeet asks what is she asking, you should thank him, he saved Baldev and your daughter Veera’s life too. Dilawar says I know what Ratan is thinking, but sometimes bad people can also help good people. Bansuri defends Dilawar and gets against Ratan. Dilawar says I will leave now, and smiles. He leaves. Ratan thinks there is something fishy, no one can change overnight, I think it was someone’s plan.

Veera screams by her wounds and Baldev comes. He asks her to rest and he has seen her wounds. He says Ratan had come, I have sent her as you were sleeping. He makes her sit and applies ointment. He says will I not know if you don’t tell me. She asks do you know me so well. He says yes. They have a sweet talk and smile.

He blows on her hand and she stares at him. Mahiya………………….plays…………. She cries and he asks what happened. She says if anything happened to you then.. if bullet hit you then… I would have died. He says you would got happy that I m gone. She holds his collar and scolds him. She says she has right on his life and asks him to be careful. He asks her not to tackle goons like a tigress, she got wounded and he got worried, he hates himself as he has hurt her a lot, there is no bigger pain than losing you, promise me you will never leave me. She says she did not learn living without him, and will never learn, she promised to be with him for 7 births. He hugs her.

Dilawar comes to his godown and tells Pappu that the bullet was fake and he has fooled Baldev. He says once he gets sarpanch in his hand. He will control everyone. Ratan looks on and he gets shocked seeing her. She scolds him. He acts sweet and asks when did she come. She holds the grains and says this is pind’s life, we respect and protect it, its blessing from the land. She asks why was he angry. Dilawar says I was angry on the men who shot Baldev and Veera. She counters him and says don’t forget I got hurt. She says yes, I can see and I know they could not deposit papers to the magistrate office. She says no one changes overnight. He says whatever I do, you will not trust me and not let other trust me.

She says no, the truth is infront of everyone, you knew well that Veera and Baldev were going for this work. He says he has really changed. She says fine, then return the land to the farmers and asks him not to waste time in doing good if he has really changed. She says if you do this, I will tell the pind that you are a good man, else I will keep an eye on your every step. She says you have 2 hours, think well. She leaves. He gets angry.

Dilawar talks to pind and says Ratan told me to return the land, and gives the lands to them. Ratan is shocked. Manjeet talks to Dilawar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thankx for updation Drama

  2. Hey if geet is in tension wat manjeet ill thnk…she can call ranvi bhaiyya…rgt…then ther ill no misunderstng…nd ranvi happy wid geet n deepu….he is not thnking abt gunjan …to console her..he is making her feel more misunderstng…

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