Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 15th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om comes back home, there stood a girl. Ranjeet tells Om that this girl is poor and couldn’t pay for her rent of house, she has nowhere to stay so she came here. Ranjeet tells Om that she is the actress in their new film, he has told her that there is not much problem of staying at home. Om says to Ranjeet if he has decided himself, he has known that she would never leave home. Om asks her about her parents, she cries again. Ranjeet says his parents never wanted her to act. Om says she can stay here, she begins to cry. Om says she is perfect for acting.

Ashvini calls Om and asks where he is. Om says he is in the court. He asks why Ashvini is so hyper. Ashvini tells Om Esha’s proposal has been fixed, Om gets worried at once; then says Esha should have thought it right not to tell him but he will never forget time spent with her. Ashvini asks how he can accept defeat so easily. Esha also doesn’t know about the proposal, and it is time to wake her and tell her how much Om loves her. Om asks what he can do. Ashvini says when she meets him in court, he must propose her directly. Om asks if she has gone crazy, how he can do it in front of anyone. Ashvini says one of them has to take the first step. Om says romantic environment is also needed to propose, Ashvini says he will get romantic environment again in life; he even got it once before. He must say this time, else he will get Esha’s wedding card. Om asks why she is making him fearful, she says this is the reality. They hang up, Ashvini prays for Om’s help from God.
Om walks restlessly, then asks for a paper on the reception desk. He writes a note and practices to give it to Esha. He says this is easy, it won’t require saying it; then waits for Esha. Esha calls Om as she arrives at the court, Om thinks he must now tell her. Everyone’s words in Esha’s favour echo in her mind. Esha comes to him and asks what has happened to him. Om says he has to say something, actually give her something. She asks file, he gets it then goes aside and keeps the paper in it. Esha is relieved taking the file, Om asks her to check the file. She says she recognizes it well. She asks if he has kept another paper in it, no, no, no. He smiles that yes, he did. She asks if he is mocking her. She gets a call then, it was the boss calling Esha inside. She hurries in. Esha comes back, Om was smiling. Esha asks what this is, Om says he is like that. Esha says she came to say thanks for the file then leaves. Om sees the note lying on the floor some distance away. He picks it up.
Jayesh and Dhaneshri call Om, Dhaneshri was shouting his name in excitement. She asks what happened, as Jayesh told her that Esha has said I love you to him and they have gone to court for marriage. Om asks to talk to Jayesh, Jayesh says congratulations to him as he told him that Esha said I love you to him and they are going to court. Om was upset and scolds Jayesh. Jayesh says sorry to Om, they didn’t want to hurt him. Om says the situation is so worse these days. Jayesh asks to come there to hold his hand. Om is irritated. Jayesh says he thought his marriage has been fixed, Om says nothing is fixed. Jayesh goes to temple because he was wrong.
Om comes to the café, a couple asks Om if he is a lawyer. Om mocks he is Raam, the couple tells him they have run away from the house to marry. Om says there is no more space in his home, The couple say they want marriage registration. Om tells them about the advocate who would work for them. Esha comes to him, Om was upset and irritated. Ashvini tells him to calm down and take deep breathes. Om tells her then, that he feels pressurized, she came and was in so much hurry but how does it matter. He can propose her tomorrow. Ashvini says Esha is also pressurized, and may say yes in front of her family. Om says they are hurrying it, what if she knows. Ashvini says they have to take this risk, she asks him to imagine his life without her. He is upset again.

PRECAP: Esha was upset and tells Om her birth-chart was matched with a guy. Her family is taking is very serious.

Update Credit to: Sona

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