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The Episode starts with Biji asking Dilawar to leave and scolding him. He leaves. Biji talks to Veera and cries, saying she does not want to take favors from Dilawar, as he is the one who made Preeto commit suicide. Dilawar talks to the girls and says he is not a bad guy, else he would have not got the toys. The girls say they don’t want anything. Baldev says Dilawar is giving money as its his punishment, she has to accept it as its sarpanch’s decision. Dilawar scares the girls. Veera asks Biji to take the money, its their right. Dilawar tells the girls that he will send everyone to the hospital and they agree to take the toys. Dilawar gives them chocolates and smiles seeing Baldev and Veera.

Geet thinks things are not like its seen, its something fishy. Manjeet asks her to be happy. Geet asks

how did she agree to her singing. Manjeet says you are clever and finding my plans in my doings, the truth is I want to make our family rid of poverty. Manjeet asks Balwant to explain Geet that she has understood the matter now and has no objection to her singing. Balwant says he can’t trust Manjeet, but till he is here, no need to be afraid of her, Gunjan, Veera and you are same for me, do what you want to do, be happy, if anyone tells you anything, I will manage. He blesses her. Geet smiles. Manjeet thinks when Geet’s name is linked to Ranvi, then you will kick her out.

Its morning, Gunjan asks Ranvi not to go. He says don’t raise the matter again. He says he should have not shouted on her, he understands her and asks her to come to Ludhiana with him. He says he has to pick Geet and Deepu too. She says no, I felt just I m coming. He says Geet is coming for recording. She asks about Deepu. He says I promised her that I will take care to amusement park. She argues and asks is he going out with his family. He asks her not to make an issue, and get ready.

Gunjan says he can’t do this, she is his wife, its his duty to keep her happy, leave singing with Geet. Ranvi says she got work as she sings well, why is she jealous. They cry and argue. Gunjan says Geet has come to get after Baldev and now she is after you, I have seen you worrying for her. He says stop it. Ratan looks on and asks them to calm down. Ranvi says she is thinking a lot. Gunjan say fine, stop meeting Geet. He asks why is she doubting on him. She says she knows Geet, she is using Deepu to trap him. He asks her to stop it.

She says she will not let him go. He asks her to move. She says Baldev also kicked Geet out, Veera stopped her and sent her problem on my head, I will not let leave. Ranvi says stop it and pushes her. Gunjan falls. Baldev and Veera come and see this. Baldev asks Gunjan did Ranvi beat her, did he raise his hand on her, tell me. Ratan says no, it was small thing. Baldev says I have seen it with my eyes.

Gunjan cries and leaves. Baldev says I m quiet because of Ratan, and its tough for me to believe you can raise hand on Gunjan, if I knew you have hurt Gunjan, then…. And holds his collar. Ranvi also holds his collar. Veera looks on. Ratan asks Gunjan to come and stop them. Gunjan says no one is worried for me. Ratan says you and Ranvi can solve this, it will be bad if Ranvi and Baldev fight. Baldev says I have seen Gunjan falling. Gunjan says it was an accident Veer ji.

Baldev asks her to say the truth, did Ranvi slap her, her brother will support her. Gunjan says no, Ranvi was going for recording, I tried to stop him, I lost balance and fell down. She says she was telling Ranvi that she wants to sing with him, and he reminded the function. She argues and fought with him, its her mistake. She leaves. Baldev tells Ratan that he will talk to her.

Baldev tells her that he will always support her, he will not think she is right or wrong, he will stand as shield, even then she is lying, she knows she can’t sing, why is she adamant, whats the reason, why does she want to sing. She says Veer ji, I…. Ratan comes and signs no to her.

Ranvi says he will leave. Baldev reminds him that he loves his sister a lot, if he makes Gunjan cry, then be ready to answer me. Ranvi says no need to teach me anything Baldev.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is so stupid….gunjan feeling insecure…. So sad just leave tat ranvi and concentrate on ur career gunjan …..

  2. Y don’t you guys make cartoon shows… Stupidity to the core… Lollz

  3. No this show is nice. Good cast and very different. I love it and so does my family.

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