Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 11th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esha and Om were on the table, she gets Ashvini’s call and receives it. Esha says she shouldn’t make daal-khichdi for Om. Om suggests he will cook today, Esha says she called him here and now he would cook. He says he is a good cook, anyone would say yes to marry him if she eats his cooked food. Esha still suggests they should order it from restaurant, but Om takes her to kitchen.
Esha ties Om’s apron, he had collected everything on the shelf. Esha confirms if he cooks food really. Om says he would have a great cook had he done hotel management. He says cooking is like meditation for him. Esha says she knows nothing from it. He says because she is much involved in her work right now. Om plays with potato and onion, it fells off. Esha helps him cut the vegetables. Esha asks whose food he likes? Om says he likes spinach of his mother, he says she hasn’t cooked it for a long time. Esha says she is now feeling hungry. He asks her to fry garlic, Esha says his wife would really be lucky. Om asks would she marry him? The lights go off immediately, Om laughs that he couldn’t see her face at the time even. Om disappears from there, Esha calls him. He assures he is there. She asks him to sit here, he asks don’t they have inverter at home or some candles. She shouts at once that something passed her foot. He says it is gone now, what was the need to shout so loud. Esha tells Om that she is really afraid of dark, and something passed her foot as well. Om tells Esha that when it gets dark, their eyes take time to get used to it. She tells him to stop this logic. Om says he is here with her, nothing will happen to him. Om tells her that at such dark times, the souls wander around. She shouts that she really feels afraid. Om begins to tell another story, Esha steps on his foot. He shouts this time. She takes him to find candle in the drawer, there both of their’s heads bang with each other. Om asks her why is she behaving so awkward, has the light gone off her house for the first time. He finds the candle himself this time. He tells Esha that at his childhood he used to light candle under his quilt to read comics. Once his quilt got burnt as well.
They come back to the kitchen, and announces at in transmission about the preparation and recipe of their dish. Esha calls to stop the transmission, because he couldn’t do proper makeup as well. She rubs his cheek, both feels awkward.
Esha takes the seat offered by Om, he asks her to begin the food. She tastes it and says wow, this is amazing. They like the boy Om. Om feels awkward this time.

PRECAP: Om asks Esha where she would take her file. Esha says she has to go straight to court, where she should pick it up. Om says he will give Esha the files in court. She says he will come to court for the file, I love you Om! Ranjeet comes to find Om sitting motionless in disbelief at this love you.

Update Credit to: Sona

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