A Vampire & His Hidden kingdom (Episode 3)


Q,maids take them to their respective rooms.bachcho listen.if anyone need any thing ask your maids to bring them..

Maid 1,prince come with us.your rooms are in 11th floor.
P,what.cant you lift us to their.i want be able walk to 11th floor.
Maid 2,dont worry princess there is a lift.
N,lift? That mean abhi’s grand pa has used modern technology too.
Maid 3,wo actally nothing like that.here eveything is only consist with magic.pls prince and princess get in to this stair case.my loard & highness you too..(to tankhil)
P,but u told us that no need to walk.
M,wait my princess…
She kept her hand on the stair case..then it begings move up slowly.

P,wooow..itz awsm.what a castle is this.miss maid can you make this more speed pls.
Maid,sorry my lady.i cant.becouse queen has odered us to be responsible about your security.
P,oh..ok(paut face)
A,oh my lil baby is looking sad.you want more speed na.
Pragya noded yes..
Abhi lift pragya and ran to 11th flor by using his vamp powers.
They disappeared in a second.
MAid,then no use of move slowly.shall i make this speed.
N,ok.never mind..

At the 11th floor..
P,wow..u r my hero.(kissed abhi’s forehead)
A,i know my lil princess dont like to move slowly.
Abhi hugged pragya and pinned her to a large mirror..and about to kiss her..

Abhishek.very bad..
Both of them hell shocked wth queen’s voice.
A,dadi didnt came with us na..
P,yes then how she is talking to us.
Q,arey idiots look i am here.
They both looked at mirror.queen is appearing there
Q,i wanted to know that ypu are happy with the rooms.
A,dadi nowvonly we csme here.till your maids are onthe way.we didnt went to rooms yet.
Q,oh i saw..both u were romancing na.its ok..use this mirror if you need to call me.you can see me then.got it..
A,ha dadi.but i need to know one thing.
D,ask beta.what is it
A,i am a vampire na.will pepole accept me as their prince.
D,oh.. is that the matter.you know what.being vamp is a one good qulification beta.in our kingdom there are every kind of creatures.i wll tell about them latter.frist select your bedrooms and arrange them as u wish.and pls wear royal costumes.after all those things come down.. future king needs to introduse to his dragon.

P,(act like fainting)
Abhi catch me.. is that dadi saying about dragon.omg omg omg..i cant believe.dadi i also want a dragon.

A,fuggi still you are acting like a baby.if something is there for me that mean it own by you too.

Q,ha beta.i had a dragon.it is a female.but the second you kept frist step to our kingdom lil dragon came to this world.it grows fastly upto ypur age.now it is a young dragon same like you.it will obey to you only.u and your princess only can travel on it..

Then tankhil came from the staircase.
N,then dadi what for us.
D,i ll inform it after few hours.frist get ready and come down

M,prince can we know the way that you want your rooms.then we can arrange them as your wish

A,i & nikhil going to share a one room.bcoz i need my best buddy to always be with.ask about Girls likes from them

P,we too need to be in same room.hey na wolfy(while putting her habd on tanu’s sholder.

N,abhi but you are a prince na.how can we stay together.and my dad did a great fault.can u forgive me

A,arey idiot.i’ve already forgave ur dad and i frogot all those things.we are friends and our history cant change it.if i am a prince you are a prince too.

Nikhil gave a brone crushing hugg to abhi & girls too joined them.
P,when will purab aliya & my sis,ma come here.
A,hey dont worry fuggi.dadi told na she will bring them here.

M,my lord..your rooms are ready.princess your’s too.pls come in.

Both rooms were oppesite to each other..as the tower is round they had balcony which is common to both room which is built around the tower.

Four of them entered their rooms together .

Silance for few seconds and large scream from both rooms..(bcoz of the excitment)

P,omg omg omg… im in heaven..woow this is like 100 ★ hotel.woow..

The room is consist everything with double as there are two princess..

Pragya ran and jumped to a bed which is near the terrace..

P,hey wolfy look what a comfortable bed.
Maid,my princess it was made by feathers and wools.
T,pragu come have a look..she opened another room which is filled with royal type frockes hats shoes lether geans hair clips perfumes a large mirror..

Maid,my princes in oppesite side you too have same room like this..

P,tanu i cant belive this..wow… lets go to balcony.

Pranu ran to balcony.

Abhi and nikhil were there..
A,how was your room fuggy.
p,you’ll be gelouse if u see that.it s simply a heaven.
n,oh ho my princess just look at our room.itz better than yours..

a,oh stop your silly fights..look at our kingdom..gold colour clouds green grass lands matching perfectly.tommo lets go and vist those houses there.it z better to meet our citizens.

P,our? Itz ur kingdom baba.

a,itzours fuggi..

maid..my lord itz better if u get as soon as possible.itz time to meat ur dragon.

precap new entry

Sorry guys not for commenting your ffs .but i swear i read them.
choti.. what a plot yaa.i love riya now..keeprocking..

Monesha..my princess i missed you lot sweet heart.sorry for not commenting.but i love your ff and itz really awsm.

waiting to read Af s invsble book

honey i love your ff too… nice story yaar..

Haritha i love the way u express their imotions.keep rocking.

riya are u angry with me.i missed u lot dear.

astha where r u.

Angita my new friend thanx lot for your long comment.it makes my day.. thanx.


maya sorry dude is this love is one of my fav ff

vaishu i rd your os.. awsm & very intersting.
Thanx for every one who commented.

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    When I’m reading I hope I’m there seriously dragon year a suggestions add some unicorn

  5. Sorry my princess di actually I am going to call you like this only hereafter. I gave a reason in my ff thank you note. It updated it now only actually my sweetheart di I was in out of station so only I can’t able to comment you. I am really sorry. Really I putted situps for you really promise. I am sorry di but I know my sweet di never angry at me.today episode was awesome di I loved it to the core really god gave you extra brain. Another one time sorry di. Love you a lotttttt lot of hugggggs and kisses to u my dear princess di

  6. Prathi

    Wow what an imagination Suha awesome you should definitely write a book ?

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  8. Riya(Proud fan of CreaTina)

    Helloooooooo…. Who told u that I am angry with My CreaTina???? That would never ever happen!!!
    I am gonna give u promotion from CreaTina to….. Imageen!!! If u r thinking Wat it is………….then I would tell u…..IMAGINATIVE QUEEN…….. ImagEen!!! But this is only your promotion but U r always My CreaTina!!! SFTLC!! If I tell u the full Form then u would kill me Sooo I am not telling it!!!
    Seriously Loved today’s update to the core!!! Keep Rocking CreaTina….. Love u Loads!!! Take Care!!!

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