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Nusrat and Shahbaz get married. Nusrat gives credits to Meethi. Meethi remembers Asgar’s words of him dropping her to India.

Akash is leaving the house when a man comes to him and gives a cake and flowers saying madam sent it. Akash gets happily shocked, but the man tells him she placed an order 3 months ago. He wishes him a happy birthday and leaves. Other side, Meethi cuts the cake and celebrates Akash’s birthday. Ashfaque sees it and feels happy. He thinks she’s celebrating his birthday. He goes to her and asks her to give cake to him as well. Meethi makes it clear to him that she’s celebrate her husband, Akash’s birthday.

Mukta and her parents come to Akash’s house. Sankrant takes them to Akash’s room, but Akash is not there. They find a note in

which Akash said he’s leaving the house as everyone is trying to wipe out Meethi’s memories. He will only be back with her now. All lecture Maiyya that she had lost her daughter-in-law already, and now she lost her son too. All leave. Maiyya cries.

Family wishes Ashfaque a happy birthday. His bhabhi gives him a watch as gift. Shahbaz says he didn’t bring anything. Ashfaque tells him to keep Nusrat happy and that will be his gift. They talk about his marriage and he says first he has to see an angle. Someone says she might be around there only, he is not spotting her. Just then Meethi comes there and he watches her. Meethi tells everyone about Akash’s birthday and she gives halwa to everyone. All go to sofa, while Ashfaque watches Meethi leaving. His bhabhi teases him a little.

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Mukta asks Akash if he’s sure about leaving the house. He says yes and asks if she also thinks that Meethi is dead. She covers his mouth and says no way. He’s glad to see that. She says Meethi is so lucky to have Akash who can do anything for his love. Later, she makes him celebrate his birthday with school kids. While taking pictures, she asks him to smile, but he doesn’t. She says for Meethi and he finally smiles.

Meethi sees Asgar and reminds him of his words about taking her to India after Nusrat’s marriage. He tells her that she did so much for Nusrat, so let them have a chance to do something as well, and then he will drop her in India himself. He leaves. Meethi is going upstairs and Ashfaque comes in her way and asks for his gift. Meethi says she already gave halwa. He says it was for Akash’s birthday. She asks if there is any problem if she celebrated his birthday and Akash birthday together. He says he doesn’t know that, but wants his gift. She says she has nothing to give to him. He asks her to go for coffee with him, but she gets furious and refuses it. She reminds him that she’s married and leaves.

Meethi cries remembering Akash and not being with him on his birthday. But she hopes, wherever he’s, whomever he’s with, he is happy. She blames her bad luck for losing him and not giving him happiness.

Precap: Meethi is outside with Ashfaque. He tells her that he fell in love, but doesn’t know whether it’s right or wrong. Meethi says that there is nothing like right and wrong in love. They can’t stop their heart from loving. She asks who she is. He says first he thought she’s a trouble for him, but slowly, she started coming in his dreams, and slowly, she made space in his heart. Meethi is shocked.

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