Will Randhir be able to stop Sanyukta’s engagement in Sadda Haq?

Their story started with fights, but will with care and concern with each other. Randhir did not leave any chance to taunt her and having the mindset that what will girls do in an engineering college, they are made to work at home and swirl in the kitchen all the time. We can’t blame him for this, as he is very lonely and don’t have a family to name and say its mine. Even his dad is like a far concerned man for him. But Randhir soon falls for Sanyukta seeing her goodness, her spirit to prove herself, her intelligence, her self –motivated mind who went against her dad and brother, to get admission in the college and make a mark for herself. Randhir fell in love with her independent nature and even Sanyukta grew feelings for him, seeing his soft heart behind his rudeness. They have now become good friends and are supportive, rely on each other, protective, motivating and dedicated to each other.

Sanyukta lied to him about her engagement just to make him jealous, but Vardhan clears to her that no one tries to bring jealousy in just a friend, it happens when someone gets over friendship mark and makes her think that Randhir is her love now, not just a friend. While Sanyukta already knows this, its just she realizes it now. Randhir is depressed having no means to get his college fees as his dad is away, and asks for help from his friend. He feels lonely without having any friend, as he fears to lose Sanyukta after her marriage. Sanyukta really falls in engagement trap, and is asked by her father to leave the college and learn cooking from her mum. She is being forced to mend her ways and follow her mum’s steps in being a good housewife, completely dependent on her husband and leaving her dreams. She is really tensed and her mum pacifies her saying every girl has to marry someday and then portray a good wife’s image to succeed as a woman.

Randhir is fighting with himself, to clear his feelings for Sanyukta and finally he realizes that she means a lot to him, not just a friend. He rushes to meet her at her home going through the window and couldn’t talk to her enough but she gets surprised plus glad to see him, their eyes speak and he decides to break her engagement at any cost, as he can’t lose the love of his life. Will Randhir will be able to do this and admit his feelings to Sanyukta. Take this poll and let us know your opinon.

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  1. i am sure randhir will stop sanyu engagement 🙂

  2. i am absolutely 100% sure randhir is gonna break sanyu’s engagement at any cost and i would luv to see that epi too 🙂

  3. ♥ randhir and sadda haq !!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😉

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  5. Amrutha Nidhisha

    i’m damn sure dat randhir wil definitely stop sanyuktha’s engagement as he realized his feelings on her ……..:)

    dat tho im 100% sure pucca i’m ready 2 give an agreement on it……jst jkng….:p

    admin thnkz a lot for putting up a poll Sadda Haq on my request…;)

  6. Its a fact dat rd will break engagement

  7. randhir is my hero.
    he can do any thing. And if you see then every task of dream team they won was only because of him.
    this is nothing in front of that.

    1. if u see carefully, all d tasks were won bcoz of sanyu & randhir’s combined efforts…both r incomplete widout each other… 🙂

  8. Ofcourse,he’ll surely do smething to stop engagemnt,itni easily give up nhi krne vala h randhir shekhawat

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