Unwantedly Married but Happy (Devakshi OS …. by sakshi)

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A big house is shown people are running here and there and the house is decorated

Lady..bhaiya do that properly today is marriage and u r still doing

Another lady..ma u sit I here na will do that

Lady..how. Sona

(Yes guys it is Sonakshi Bose and another is her mother Asha Bose)

S..ma u relax

A..u leave me and check it sister is she ready or not

S.. yeah I will check

She goes to a room and sees her elder sister crying

S..di what happened

Sister..I don’t wanna marry him

S..ele di what

Yes guys she is Elena Bose Sonakshi Bose’s elder sister

E..Sona I really don’t love him I want to still study

S..tell this to ma

E..she don’t understand

S..what will u do

E…will u help me

S..di what’s going in your mind

E..you marry him


E..yeah he is ur friend only na

S..he is my friend not my bf

E..plz Sona only u can save me or else I will run and the family will get bad name and I don’t want that plz sona

And she starts crying

S..ok di

Moist eye because she loves some other man

Another mansion is show and there also same situation everybody is running here and there

Lady..Dev beta go and check if it brother need any help

D..ji ma

I..go soon

Dev goes to his elder brothers room where the groom vicky is missing

D..bhaiya bhaiya where r u

He checks every where

D..now what will I do if I tell this to ma she cannot bare this what shall I do

There he finds a letter he immediately takes that it was from vicky

The letter

V..chote I know u will be reading this plz forgive me I don’t want to marry elena Bose
And if u want to save ma just marry her plz its my request from u I will be returning after a week of marr

From you brother

Dev was shattered reading he collapsed down to the floor

D..what did u do bhaiya and how can I marry elena Bose you know I love sona what will I tell to her that I am married to her elder siste but go save ma I have to do that

And he gets ready

From his fone he calls to ishwary

D..hello ma

I..where r u beta

D..ma my friend has met with accident I will directly meet you in Bose mansion

I..ok try to come soon

D..ok ma


D..hello ma bhaiya is all ready

I..achha beta tu dihaan rakh apne dost ka aur jaldi aane ki try kar

D..thik hai (crying tells)

I..beta Rona mat kuch nahi hoga Rahul Ko

D..thik hai ma



Its time for barat Dev climbs the horse and reached to Bose mansion where the marriage is to be held

To his luck nobody ask him to move is sehera

He searches for his lady love but she. Is not there (how will he know )

Here in sona’s room

E.. beautiful

Sona is like lifrless body

Neha ria and Nikki come to sona’s room to see bride Elena hide her face with a scraf

Nikki..di oops sorry bhabi bhaiya is waiting for you come come

Ria.. show ur face na

Elena..no no she should not show her face till 9pm it will abshagun


Neha..ok come bhabi pandit is calling u

They take Sonakshi to mandap she is still weeping

The marriage is over now every relatives are leaving now ishwary opens the Vail as it is more than 9pm and is shocked to find Sonakshi instead of elena

I..what r u doing here

Dev heard his ma’s shout and moves his sehara and all r shockeito find Dev there

I..Dev what r u doing here

D..ma wo

Moves her Vail


Moves her sehera

They both feel somewhat Happy as they are married to the one whom they loved

They both tell everybody what happened and all accepts unwantedly but our Devakshi is Happy

All go for dine Dev slowly pulls Sonakshi

S..Mr Dixit

D.. beautiful

Sonakshi blushes

D..ms Bose oops sorry Mrs Dixit

By hearing Mrs Dixit she blushes more

Before they could complete everybody calls them and they go and have their dinnner

Sonakshi’s bidaii happens

And in Dixit mansion her grah Pravesh

NRN makes Sona sit on bed of Dev’s room

Dev tells vicky everything and vicky comes back home all scolds him

Then vicky comes to leave Dev to his room

Dev enters to room but doesn’t notice Sona

She gets angry

D..girls go out I am very tired

Neha..okk come bhabi

D..hey hy where she


D..ok ok stop teasing me go I am very tired


They leave Sonakshi is hell nervous

S..why am I nervous I love him then

She hears a bolting the sound

He looks towards and find Dev
Tu mujhe plays
He comes andd sit and take off vail

D.. beautiful

She hugs him to not to show him his blush

He slowly take her back and kisses his cheeks she turns her face hhe thinks that she is uncomfortable

D..its ok if u r uncomfortable

And he gets up but Sona catches his hand and pulls him towards her

S..who said I am uncomfortable

So Dev smiles and make. Sonakshi lie down and cover themselves in white blanket

Its morning we see a couple sleep cuddling eachother

Yes it is Devakshi

Sona is wearing Dev’s shirt

Dev opens his eyes

And sees the most beautiful thing of the universe

And closes his eyes to remember what happened last night

Sona..we unwantedly married but r Happy

Happy ending

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The previous one is not a ff its an os

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    It was such a cute story.. Unwantedly married but happy??

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