Unspoken Love. (Devakshi) part-2

So here’s the second one…
In the evening,
Sona reaches her home. All gather for dinner. Asha serves and sits as well. Everyone starts talking about their day.
Bijoy: Sona beta how were your lectures today?
Sona: Yes baba they were good. The students of Shree ram college were very interactive and we had a lot of fun!
Elena: So did you like any boy there? Asha mashi, apko rishta dhudne ki koi zarurat nahi hai, Sona ne khud hi dhoond liya hoga! (Asha aunty You don’t have to find a boy for Sona, she would have found one today)
Saurav: Ekdam sahi kaha Elena ne (Elena is right)
Bijoy: Can you please keep quiet? Sona takes right decisions and will take it on this matter as well.
Sona: Thankyou baba! Elena and Dadaa!! Tumhe mai baadme dekh lungii!(I will talk to you on this matter later)
All have dinner and later go to sleep.

Dev reaches home and sees Ishwari talking on the phone with someone. Nikki and Riya tell Dev “Bhaiya maa apke liye ladki dekh rahi hai…”
Ishwari cuts the call saying bye.
Ishwari shows Dev some pictures of girls for his marriage. She tells “Tell me if you like any girl.”
Dev says “maa you only choose, I will be happy with any girl, Btw I cracked the deal.”
Ishwari says, “That’s great, I had expected this from you, and all these girls are good but I don’t think any girl is ‘The One’ for you.
Dev smiles saying ok and leaves.

Next Morning,

Dev and Sona leave to their respective work places.
Dev co-ordinates with Tina and takes care of all the arrangements for the party..
Like this the day passes by, its 6:30pm and Shreya receives a call from Mr.Sharma. Shreya hurriedly goes to Sona and tells her everything. Sona then decides to go to Dev’s office and have a small seminar because their party will start soon. She doesn’t feel its important to tell Tina or Dev about her sudden decision.

Sona starts her car and leaves for Ishwari Telecommunications. Dev also gets ready and leaves for his office at the same time. Sona is punctual and wants to reach on time. But she finds traffic, it was already 6:55pm. She worries and drives rashly and because of that she forgets to give the indicator and woahhh! Dev who’s car is just behind her hits her car! They both get out of the car and Sona apologises. Dev gets angry and says”Cant you see properly and drive?”
Sona: I said na I am sorry.
Dev: But you should drive carefully! You should follow all traffic rules and give proper indicators!!

Sona: Yeahh I knoww!! I understood and apologised as well! I have to go somewhere important that’s why this happened!
Dev: You don’t have to yell at me! I was just telling you!!
Sona gets in the car and leaves for the office.
*Episode ends here*

Precap: Dev and Sona fight again?! Will this fight lead to friendship or rivalry?!

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