Hello everyone.. I’m back with a new epi of IWL.. & m really sry guys..for delaying.. bt what to do! I was ill frm the day I was return frm Kashmir.. I told my cousin sis to post next epi bt instead of that she posted my os! Ok.. leave it nw.. Let’s start-


Ragini looks puzzled hearing her.. She looked back where swara was looking & gets surprised to see sanlak there..

Ragini : ( smiles ) oh ho.. so thats why someone is smiling & blushing like a mad.. 😉 Jiju is also present here! Ahhan..!! Kya connection hain.. Nt bad ha.. 😉

Swara : ( blushes ) Stop it Rags! & by d way.. dnt call him jiju!!

Ragini : ( confused ) but y??

Swara : ( smiles ) bcoz my duffer frnd its old fashioned nw.. umm.. u call him.. aaa… haa!!! Call him Jij! Its unique! Nice na?? 🙂

Ragini : ( laughs ) ya ya.. very nice.. 😉

Swara : Rags, Its time.. 😉 ( she gets up frm her sit similing evilly )

Ragini : ( confused ) Shonaa, where r u going?? What’s the time for??

Swara : ( smiles evilly ) It’s time to irritate ur jij.. 😉 Mastii time.. 😉

Ragini : ( monologue ) God! Save them frm her antics.. Donno what is she up to!!

Swara passes near frm SanLak.. They were busy in their talking & eating.. They havent seen her yet..

Sanky : Yaar lucky.. I wanna eat more Ice cream.. I didnt have my lunch in the matter of that mad swara! M hungry yaar! 🙁

Lucky : ( laughs ) hehe.. that’s so funny Sanky.. bt hats of to her yaar.. manna padega usko.. no one dares to call u sanky other than me & that stupid kavi nor anyone dare to argue with u.. bt she did!! She is different.. hai naaaaa…???? 😉 😀

Sanky : ( unknowningly ) ya.. she’s different.. ( realises what he said ) I mean she is crazy.. & Lucky u r teasing me bacchu! Bt tell me one thing, why were u staring at Ragini frm the corner of ur eyes??

Lucky : ( fumbles ) arre.. Sanky!! What r u saying.. When I was staring?? Its nthng like that.. ( blushes little ) 😉

Sanky : ( smiles ) Aahaan!! Lucky!! U r blushing!! Hearing only her name.. Then just imagine- if she’ll come infront of u then what will be ur condition?? Haha.. ur gone lucky.. ( laughs )

Lucky : Sallay.. u r laughing at me.. ( beats him playfully ) Yes.. I agree.. I like her.. but-

Sanky : but what??

Lucky : but that mad is always with her like chipkali.. Then hw will our love story start ??

Sanky : Huh!! U don’t worry abt her.. U jst concentrate on ur love.. 😉 I’ll manage dat pagal Swara! 😀 bt frankly speaking, I never believed on love & nor will.. Bt I’ll help u as u r my best buddy..

Lucky : ( happy ) Thanks dude!! & I promise.. I’ll also help u when u fall in love.. 😉

Sanky : ( smirks ) me??? & love?? No ways.. I wont fall in love..

Lucky : aa aa Sanky.. Overconfidence ha?? That much of overconfidence is nt good.. I bet, u’ll surely fall in love..

Sanky : ( raising his eyebrow ) Achha?? So u r challenging me?? Sanskar Maheshwari?? Ok.. accepted.. let’s see..

While talking, Lucky sees Ragini standing alone at one corner.. he gets happy..

Lucky : sanky.. she is here yaar.. 😀

Sanky : ( confused ) who ??

Lucky : Ragini..!!

Sanky : ( sees at rags & smiles ) yaar lucky! Looks like ur luck is good.. dat mad is nt with her.. go.. its good chance.. talk with her.. Do friendship.. Go na.. ( he pushes him )

Lucky goes to her.. Here Sanky is sitting alone.. He calls waiter to order smthng..

Sanky : Excuse me..

Waiter : Yes sir?

Sanky : Bring 1 Pineapple ice cream with fruit salad..

Waiter : sure sir.. he goes..

Here Sanky was waiting for him since 15 mins.. finally he get up & goes to the counter.. Swara sees this & goes before he reach there.. sanky is facing her back..

Sanky : excuse me, I ordered 15 mins ago yet my order nt come.. Plz hurry up..

Counter man : m sry sir.. Jst a min..

He gives his order to him bt befote he could take it swara snatches it frm him..

Sanky : ( angry ) what the hell?? This is my order how can u snatch it like that?? Dont u hv manners..??

Swara turns to him & gives him devilish smile.. sanky is shocked to see swara there..

Sanky : you?????

Swara : ya.. me! & its my order! I was standing here frm long time..

Sanky : ( angry ) no.. its mine.. Give it to me.

Swara : no.. I wont! Its mine..

Sanky : No.. its mine.

Swara : no.. its mine.

Sanky : Swaraa!!

Swara : Sankyy!!

Sanky : ( irritated ) Swara plz.. Don’t eat my brains.. Give it.

Swara : oyye, hello.. I dont like to eat brains.. I’m pure vegeterian.. & I wont give.

Sanky : off course! Hw can I forget? U can’t do anything except this nonsense bakbak..

Swara : ( angry ) Excuse me!! Mr! I can do many things which u can’t even imagine.. wait.. let me show u..

She takes Ice cream cup in her hand & pours all ice cream on sanky’s T- shirt.. & takes chocolate syrup frm there & pour it on his face.. all looks shocked.. Swara starts laughing seeing him.. Sanky fumes in anger…

Swara : ( laughs loudly ) haha.. Sanky! Look at u.. u r looking horrible.. omg.. bt sanky! U should thanks me. I gave u ur order with extra chocolate syrup.. hahaha… 😀 😀 😀

Sanky : ( hell angry ) Swaraaa!! What u did!! U’ll pay for it.. Swara ki bachhi.. wait.. ( swara starts running & he starts chasing her..)

Here Lucky comes to Ragini & tries to close with her..

Lucky : hii Ragini..

Ragini : Hii..

Lucky : u here?? I mean alone?? Or waiting for someone??

Ragini : ya.. wo.. actually, Swara is gone to bring ice cream.. so m waiting for her.. 🙂

Lucky : ( monologue ) ohh!! So that mad is present here.. offo!! Nw what!! ( to ragini ) ohh achha!! Can I sit here??

Ragini : yaa.. sure!

Lucky sits there.. they started to talk abt sm casual topics like family, studies etc.. suddenly they hear noises & shocked to see the scenerio.. Sanky was chasing swara & she is running here & there.. Sanky was looking like a joker.. RagLak burst out laughing..

Ragini : ( laughs ) OMG!! Lucky, look at ur frnd.. he looks so funny.. hehe.. Finally, shonaa did it!

Lucky : ( mesmerised to see her laugh ) beautiful..

Ragini : Whaatt??

Lucky : ( composes ) wo.. I mean.. Swara beautifully decorated Sanky!! Lol..

Ragini : Hmm.. 😀

Here SwaSan are continuously running..

Sanky : Swaraaa!! Wait.. I wont leave u today.. wait.. Swaraa…!!

Swara : ( laughing ) hahaha.. sanky! U didn’t even catch me.. then hw can u leave me?? Hehe.. U can’t catch me angry bird.. 😀

Sanky : Swaraa!! Wait.. stop right there…

Swara : no.. I wont.. Stop me if u can..

Sanky increases his speed more.. nw he is very close to swara.. swara is tired.. suddenly sanky catches her hand & she slips.. sanky tries to save but both falls down.. Sanky was on the top of swara.. Both were breathing heavily.. Swara’s heart start beating fast as sanky is very close to her.. Both are staring at each other..

Sanky : ( in husky tone ) nw get ready for the punishment..

Swara : ( stammers ) San.. Sanskarr..

Sanky gives devilish smile.. swara closes her eyes.. Sanky comes close to her & takes a cone of cream which was fallen beside him & decorates her face.. Swara’s eyes are still close.. When she heard laughter sound , she opened her eyes & look around, she gets confused.. she composes herself..

Swara : Rags, what happened?? Why r u all laughing at me??

Ragini : ( still laughing ) swara !! Omg!! U r looking sooo cute.. hahaha.. go.. see ur face..

Swara : ( touches her face ) my face?? What happened to my face?? ( she goes to see in mirror & shouts )

Swara : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Mummmmmaaaaa!!!

Sanky, lucky & Rags laughs seeing her reaction.. swara fumes in anger..

Swara : U… sanky monkey.. hw dare u??

Sanky : ( smirks ) I told u! I wont leave u.. & Sanskaar Maheshwari always keeps his words! Remember it! ( he leaves with lucky )

Swara : Mr. Angry bird! Now just wait & watch.. I’ll show u what is SWARA!!! ( smiles evilly ).. 😉

Episode ends..


Precap – Swara’s new prank for sanky..!! 😉

  1. superb dear

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Thanks.. 🙂

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Thank u.. 🙂

  2. Lol… Bechara sanskar… ???

    Oye tu mere liye kuch nhi lai na… Katta ????

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Accha bacchu!! I should be katti with u..! U didn’t even wish me happy journey.. 🙁 nt fair! Btw.. wat do u want sissy?? Tell me.. I have brought jwelleries, dresses, keshar, badam & ya shawls & stoles from kashmir.. Tell me nw wat do u want??

    2. I want love… (lol zada cheesy ho gya ?)

      Tu shwal ka kya karegi tere waha b thandi pdhti hai ??

    3. Shalmali Kamble

      Aww.. shooo shweett of u.. I love u anyways, sissy! 😉 & about cold.. no its not very much over here but we have to gift that shawls to our relatives.. Jaise ki tumne katti karli thi.. vo na kare.. isliye..! 😉

  3. Wow funny episode

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      Thank u dear.. 🙂

  4. it mr.maheshwari & his secretary..

    1. Shalmali Kamble

      Sry I didnt get u! Tell me clearly dear..

  5. awesome…..

  6. Oh god!!! Poor sanky ….. I can’t stop laughing…. Icecreamwala prank was marvelous…… My stomach is paining by laughing…..

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