Unlucky to Have UH ! season 2! part 2

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recap- man1’s pov nd women’s pov…..


HE steps out of the car nd his face is revealed to be Sanskar Maheshwari……

sanskar was moving inside nd with every step he is feeling restless……he is feeling something is losing!

he enters inside the house nd find no one was there! he feels wierd as the house is very silent….. its looking like no one is at home but home wasn’t locked its mean there is someone at home but then why there is voice!

sanskar- Swara?? Mom? ansh? where r uh all?

no rply…he gets tensed… he again calls!

sanskar- koi h?? (anybody is here?)

no rply but suddenly one boy cme from behind nd hugs him tightly while weeping!

first he gets shocked at sudden moment but then he get worried by seeing him crying!

he bend down nd take him in his lap nd hugs him!

sanskar- Ansh!! calm down mera bcha! see here nd tell me wht happpen? hmm tell!( but he was crying) ok first stop crying! no one will do anything to uh! i m here na!

he makes him stand ! but was shocked to see blood in his cloths!nd gets panick!


Flashback !

A man is seeing struggling in changing baby’s diper!

some giggle come from behind! he frowns by hearing them laughing!

women- haha! sanskar its been 6 months tht ur changing diper of ur bby nd still its looks like ur changing it for first time!

(the man was sanskar who was busy in changing his daughters’s diper who arrive in this world 6 months ago)

sanskar gives her angry looks!nd again get busy in chaging her diper nd cleaning her! she again giggles!

sankar- dont laugh like a bandar swara! dont worry after sometime uh r only going to do this! i m only doing because uh r pregnant nd weak! huh! nd then uh will also struugle nd i will also laugh at uh!
he was very annoyed nd he didnt notice diper in his hand nd holds it more tightly !! because of which his all hand get dirty!!

sanskar notice it nd was shocked nd was making faces like he will vomit rgt now..seeing it swra laughs loud…. seeing her laughing ashi also laughs! without knowning anything!

seeing ashi laughs swara laughs moree loudly! nd poor sanskar was just eyeing them like he will eat them alive! one side his hand nd one side they both! he get frustuated nd stamps his legs nd leaves to washinng by cursing them !!


in room!!

swara stops laughing… seeing her ashi too stopss! swara go toward ashi nd was making her dress! when she felts 2 hands around her waist!

swara(nervously)- sanskar!
sanskar- hmm
swara- leave me! look ashi is seeing!
sanskar- so what! lets her see how she come in this world!
swara gets shocked nd turns around nd beat him on his chest!
swara- chiii shameless!
sanskar- aahaa if i would have not been shameless toh dono bin bacho ke parents bane hue ghumte
swara- chii sanskar kitne gande hoo!
sanskar ignore her nd start doing his work! mean starts kissing her neck!
swara also gets lost in him nd both starts!
but soon come in senses when they hear crying voice!
ashi was crying badly!
sanskar make faces! swara giggles nd takes her!
she point toward sanskar asking him to take her!

sanskar smiles nd takes while swara frowns in jealousy!

swara- aaha go to him! like i m no one na! huh!
sanskar laughs nd shows his tounge to her inorder to tease her!

swara gets more angry nd was about to leave when sanskar hold her hands nd pulls her closer!
both have intense eyelock! swara smiles nd hugs him!!

all trio have a family hug!

epi end…..

finally done with episode 2! i guess this much length is ok for every episode or not?!

i know this is very boring! sorry for tht! Inore mistake i didnt rechecked it!

nd as most said for 3 child so i will go with it!!

do read
this story will be in 3 phase!
1st phase- PRESENT (hospital wala scene nd in starting tht uh read! ansh nd sanskar one)
2nd phase- flashback (after ashi birth)
3rd phase (flashback me flashback before ashi birth)
3rd phase i will give next episode probably!


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