Archi love story!! Part 17

PS-guys this is fully in English because I got a message from administration to write the article in English or it will be, from onwards the FF will be in English.
The episode starts,
Babasa-what babasa!
Aryan- no babasa you are laughing? I thought you will be angry.
Babasa-I am laughing seeing your scaring face. fact you know what I was thinking about your’s and Sanchi’s alliance since long. Aryan my son sanchi is a very good girl and perfect for this family.
Aryan-really? Babasa you are the best.
Saying this he hugs babasa.

Babasa-anyways tell me one thing does sanchi loves you?
Aryan- I don’t know . Nor I ever tried to know. I always fear that if sanchi dosent love me then our friendship can be hampered by this.
Babasa- but Aryan u should try to know what does Sanchi feel about you. But don’t worry your love guru is now with you.
Aryan-love guru!
Babasa-yes love guru. Once upon a time every one of my college used to call me love guru. Now this love guru will help you.
Aryan-thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much babasa.

Babasa- oh god! Such a big thank you. And pls you don’t red to thank me. I just want sanchi as my bahu. If I even search with lamp for such bahu I won’t get. So, if you are unsuccessful in making sanchi my bahu then you will face my wrath.
Aryan-don’t worry babasa it’s my promise to u Aryan sethiya’s promise that if he brings his wife or your nahi that would be Sanchi. And sethiya’s never break their promises.
Babasa-that’s like my boy.
Aryan- but what’s the plan love guru?
Babasa- love guru?
Aryan-you said na you are my love guru. So I thought
Babasa-it’s fine when we are alone but don’t call me love guru infront of it maasa or dadisa. It maasa will eat my head that’s ok but it dadisa will beat me with broom.
Aryan laughs.?
Babasa- hey, hey why are you laughing? I am trying to help you and you are laughing. If that’so then I won’t help you.
Aryan-no babasa pls don’t sy that time I won’t lugh but pls help me.

At Mittal house,
Sanchi comes down through stairs screaming mumma Papa.
Viren-hey! Why are you screaming??
Tanu-yes Jiji and you seem very Happy. What’s te matter?
Sanchi-papa you won’t believe I got a golden opportunity for my career. Papa I got a invitation
From the biggest exhibition of Australia to exhibit my design and if they like my design u can be a international designer.
Viren-what really?
Precap: Aryan and sanchi goes to Australia.

  1. babasa and love guru????its hard to even imagine that ???????? but good work dear..waiting for next..

    1. Christie123

      wohooo!! diiii. amd I know babasa amd love guru? very unimaginable but kya karu I wanted to do something different so, babbasa ko lobe guru bana diya and one mote thing tomorrow a promo is coming.

    2. cool dear..waiting for it..

  2. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love it sorry being absent these days and sun meri rani tomorrow our exams are going to end so tell ur parents that u would come late from school and make sure u tell it to kajol kaka to pick u up late we are gonna chill for sometime ok i have informed it to nihal also ok meri meheru rani

    1. Christie123

      oy! I am not meher rani sumo u are my sumo rani amd don’t worry parents ki toh koi tension nahi aur kajol kaka u know na he dosent go he stays at school bcoz papa has his own car and mumma dosent go outside. so chill

    2. Christie123

      done! mumma convinced and papa u know papa infont od me papa dosrnt say anything after all papa ki ladli hoon and guess what did I say to mumma? I told her we have extra classes with principle mam for our project.

  3. great…and babasa love guru is somethink we never imagined waiting for next episode

    1. Christie123

      Hey Sanju. And babasa love guru ? Actually I always do something which people never imagine and one more thing I submitted a promo it will be published in 3-4 hours.

  4. to good dear, waiting for next . sorry mai tum hara artical readout kar ti but muja comment kar na ka time he nahi milta mera CS Class ki wajase

    1. Christie123

      Thanks dolly and no problem if you don’t comment studies are also important. And you read na then OK.

  5. Babasa as a love guru?? amazing meher yeh tum hi kar skte thi….director ne to unhe ram ji jitna shareef dikhaya tha? i liked the concept very much…waiting for more now jaldi jaldi upload kara karo

  6. Fenil

    Osam chppy

    Babasa and love guru????its hard
    to even imagine that
    but good work dear..waiting for

    1. Christie123

      Pata HEI Bhai sabki same question babasa and love guru? Infact I also questioned myself babasa and love guru?

  7. Christie123

    thanks dear. and seriously its a very big appreciation donno if I am capable.

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