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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji telling about his goon Shankar. Shankar gets freed from jail. Bhaiya ji calls him and asks him to find Chakor, she has run away again. Shankar says its little bird Chakor and laughs. Bhaiya ji gets to know Lakhan is creating scene in village. Chakor tells Sultan that she could not do anything here. She asks him to take care. Vishaka says Sultan will also go after you leave. She asks her to leave. Khanna says I m leaving, and talks on phone. Chakor goes to him, and asks about Sultan, will he kill Sultan if he does not get well? Khanna says yes, maybe.. Vishaka says not maybe, we will give him injection to kill Sultan, we worry for people working in circus, not useless horse. Chakor asks can I take Sultan. Khanna says fine, take him. Chakor thanks him. He smiles and leaves

in his jeep.

Om says Chakor I m feeling bad you are leaving. He asks Sultan to take care of Chakor. Chakor says I will take care of Sultan, you also take care Om, I regret I could not find Peter. Vishaka asks Om to get back to work. Khasta tells Chakor that he is glad she is leaving circus, this place is risky now. He says you are made for big place, not this circus. She asks him to apply that lep and hugs him. He blesses her for taking care of him, he got better now. He asks her to go. Dheere dheere……………..plays………… Chakor takes Sultan and leaves.

Peter sees a joker and asks what do you want, why do you kill people. The joker laughs and throws a dart on him. Peter gets wounded and faints.

Bhaiya ji goes to village. He sees what Lakhan is doing. Lakhan alone digs the ground to make a well and get water. Bhaiya ji asks what is he doing. Lakhan says I will get water and feed villagers, I can’t see them dying. Bhaiya ji laughs and says Lakhan has got mad, let him do anything. Bhaiya ji says I will give you all water, but you all gave to give me something instead. Shankar drinks tea and scolds the tea vendor. Chakor passes by Shankar. Bhaiya ji asks villagers to give their child as his bandhua, then he promises to give one pot water daily for one child. The villagers get shocked.

Lakhan says don’t agree to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says this land is mine, if water comes out, its also mine. He asks villagers to decide, thirst or water? He laughs and leaves. Chakor earns by making people take selfies with Sultan. She says I will get food for me and you Sultan. A boy tells her that he wants to ride the horse, he will give her 10rs. She says no, Sultan is young, his leg is hurt, he can’t take on your weight. The boy asks her to move back and pushes him. The boy sits on Sultan. Sultan runs. The boy enjoys the ride. Chakor gets surprised seeing Sultan fine. The boy asks someone to stop this horse. Chakor says what to do, this boy will fall. She removes her slippers and runs after Sultan.

Khanna sees Chakor running. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……….plays…………… He gets stunned seeing Chakor catch up the speed. Chakor stops Sultan. The boy says this horse was running so fast. Chakor makes him get selfie and takes 10rs from him. Khanna smiles. The boy leaves. Khanna goes to Chakor. She says I told that boy not to ride horse, he did not listen. Khanna says I did not see anyone running so fast and asks will you become runner in bullet raja act. She says sure and smiles. He says then this act will be called bullet rani.

Khanna tells Vishaka that Chakor is bullet rani now. Peter tells joker that Chakor will ruin him, the joker kills Peter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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